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Build your own car »

Build a mini car motor

Here are the steps on how to build a mini car motor and 3 delicious tips on how to build a mini car with electric motors that works perfectly. The information here contains how to build a simple electric powered mini motor from scratch and place this motor to a mini car. The power produced by the motor is depends on the formula and quality of the material that used to build it.

Car Drawings »

How to draw a real car

The best technique of how to draw a real car and 3 tips to draw real ostentatious cars are shared here! How to draw cool cars and sports cars can be found here. It is very easy to draw a realistic car to a piece of white paper with a simple pencil as long as you catch the real skills. What makes drawing look real is the lining, shading, and proportions. Let’s prepare a pencil, eraser, and a piece of clean paper to start real car drawings.

Mousetrap Cars »

Mousetrap car designs

Here is your creative A-list of mousetrap car designs and 3 dulcet valuable tips to make any basic designed mousetrap cars go faster and become real winner. A mousetrap was designed by human to deal with mice that make a house nuisance, but it was then used to build mousetrap cars to create fun and competition to see whose car go fastest. A most basic mousetrap car will have at least a base, 4 wheels (any round things can be use), a pull string, and off course a mousetrap. Let’s …

Car Learning »

Learning to drive standard cars

Learning to drive standard cars is something easy if you go through the steps on how to drive a standard car we taught here. We shared the easiest way to learn how to drive a car easily in our daily life. Incorrect driving skills will end up higher fuel consumption, indirectly hurt your car and you may have to spend quite a lot of money to repair the car. Therefore, learn up this few easy steps before you get your foot to your car!

Cars »

How to build a rubber band car

How to build a rubber car in few easy steps? Here we share few simple and basic steps to build fast and cool rubber band car simply using some cheap rubber band. These cars can go very fast and will not lose to mousetrap car. What makes it challenge is you can join the competition and see whose rubber car go the fastest. Excited? Let’s get yourself prepare and check out the steps now.

Mousetrap Cars »

Step by step to build a mousetrap car

The easiest step by step to build a mousetrap car is taught here among all other method to build a mousetrap car. First you will have to choose your desire basic design of mousetrap cars and then build it. These mousetrap cars will definitely help you to catch all mice including the Mickey MouseJ We have taught step by step drawing cars in MalaysiaMiniLover before and we have got a good response to that post. Well, let’s start to follow these steps and make your mousetrap car now!