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Mini Cooper Maintenance Cost at 100,000km (62,000miles)

At 104,224 km (64,761 miles), a Mini Cooper R50 was sent to our workshop for some basic repairs. The lady owner complains about loud sound coming from the front wheel and “kok kok” sound coming from the “rear”. She doesn’t know about car at all so our mechanic brought the car out for a test drive. After a test drive, we realize one side of the front wheel bearing has worn out. The sound from the rear wheel is because of worn shock absorber bushings. It sounds like a serious …

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BMW MINI Cooper vs. Classic Mini Cooper

Whenever I drive my classic Mini Cooper out, people will look at my car. No doubt it is an attractive car due to the iconic look and shining metallic paint. Sometimes, you will hear kids screaming “Look! That’s Mr. Bean’s car!” In fact, I am not Mr. Bean.

As a Mini lover, I own both the BMW MINI Cooper as well as a 1994 Mini Cooper. Many people do not know that the production of classic Mini Cooper actually last until 2000. People often think that the classic Mini was built …


BMW cars

Often when you mention BMW cars to others, things come in their mind is modern luxury cars with superb performance. As BMW – Be My Wife, does it means the chances of getting married is high if you use a BMW car propose to any girls? Off course, it’s not Be My Wife that simple.

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BMW concept cars

BMW concept cars have always been one of the most stunning in any kind of concept cars show. BMW is a German automaker that famous in building high quality cars, luxury cars, cyber look sports cars, motorcycle, and engine. Founded in 1916 and until today, it owns some other great car brand such as MINI and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. For that reason, BMW prototype cars and concept cars are always what car enthusiasts get excited to see.


BMW 7 series extended warranty

It is a standard practice for all sales persons to recommend you extended warranty when you buy a BMW 7 series. Extended warranty is an extra warranty to particular parts in your car in addition to the factory’s warranty. Either the car you purchase is a brand new BMW or used BMW, some consideration is needed before you commit to any extended warranty available in the market today.

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BMW will build new Mini models in England

BMW has decided to build two new Mini cars model at its factory near Oxford in south central England. If you know how to build a mini caror if you had ever watched the video of how a Mini was build, it is really fantastic. The British government has welcomed BMW’s decision to build these new Mini models that unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show during 17th – 27th September 2009. Well, this is definitely great news for British car workers.