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The doorless MINI Moke is reborn with MINI Beachcomber concept

When look at MINI Beachcomber concept, it is very obvious that it has the characteristic of the 1960’s Mini Moke. The front slotted grill, the headlights, signal lights, hang-over side-mirror, and the overall feeling. The Beachcomber concept is like a re-imagined design for the four-seater, roof-less, and open body car.

Sir Alec Issigonis was smoking when he designed the first Mini car. That is the reason why the classic Mini has an ashtray in the middle of the dashboard.

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List of Ford concept cars

Here is the list of Ford concept cars from A to Z. Ford concept cars are sexy, cool, and definitely good to give a glance although most of the cars did not go into production. Since 1938, automobile world became vivacious when world’s first concept car was introduced. It doesn’t matter whether concept cars really went into production because it gives people an imagination of how future cars are and how the future world will be. Automobile world will be dulled and colorless without these concept cars.

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Audi Concept Cars

Let’s see some of the most amazing and craziest Audi concept cars here from auto show around the world. Whether it is the famous Frankfurt Motor Show or Tokyo Motor Show or American International Auto Show, here you can completely find a list of cool Audi concept cars from head to toe. See also: world’s first concept car.

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The First Bricklin Concept Car

If you are big fans of the Bricklin SV-1 car, you really have to know how the first Bricklin concept car looks like, how it was planned, and what it takes for Malcolm Bricklin to build this legendary car. Although Bricklin SV-1 is the only Bricklin car, it was considered as a great contribution to automobile industry especially sports cars lovers.

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World’s First Concept Car

Have you ever wonder what is the world’s first concept car and when was the first concept car debut? If you ever go to any major auto show and see different kind of cool concept cars, have you ever think why sometimes these cars did not went into production? There are many reasons behind and we will have to trace everything back to its root, back to the first concept car in the world, the 1938 Buick Y-Job.

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Top 10 concept cars at Paris Auto Show

Just like past years, the Paris Auto Show this year rock again the automobile world with even more cool cars. Let’s check out the top 10 concept cars at Paris Auto Show this year. This time, you can see any kind of concept cars in any kind of shapes and sizes. Some are with super duper futuristic design while some are just like pimped retro cars.