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First muscle car built

Everyone love muscle cars, but have you ever wonder when was the first muscle car built? Who was the first man to make a muscle car? Remember when I was a kid, my eye will get stunt every time a muscle car pass by in front of me. It was extremely stunning although I don’t even know what car was that. I believe this happened to most of the kids even today! There must be a reason why muscle cars are so popular not only in America but whole world.

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First Car Death

Have you ever wonder where and when was the world’s first car death? Karl Benz was the first person, who invented the first car powered by gasoline in 1886. At that time the Benz Patent Motorwagen top speed is already 11.81 mph (19 kmh) which is fast enough to hurt a people. However, the first person who died in a car accident according to history was happened on 1869 before Karl Benz’s car was invented.

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First car invented in the 1920

The first car invented in the 1920 or cars invented in the 1920s are a little bit special because many countries with vehicles at that time already had a better road system including America, UK, or Europe. During 1920s, there are only a few car brands available for sale in the market because it is just the beginning of automobile industry. Therefore, cars in the ‘20s are pretty amazing for us to study.

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World’s First Concept Car

Have you ever wonder what is the world’s first concept car and when was the first concept car debut? If you ever go to any major auto show and see different kind of cool concept cars, have you ever think why sometimes these cars did not went into production? There are many reasons behind and we will have to trace everything back to its root, back to the first concept car in the world, the 1938 Buick Y-Job.

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First time car buyer programs

Here is your advice for first time car buyer programs and tips to buy cars with great discounts from car dealers with first time buyer programs. It could anytime help you to save up a lot of money if you buy your first car at the right time, right place, and right dealer. There are mainly three things to keep in mind for first time buyer which are the MSRP price, car loan APR, and the car insurance price.

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First Car Film Festival

The first car film festival has been held on the 8th and 9th of March 2009 in the province of Florence in Italy. In 1974, the first car that equipped with a cinema inside the car was a green Alfa Romeo 2000. Yes you did not read wrong, it is a whole cinema inside a car. The four-wheeled cinema is known as “Cortomobile” and it is famous in few cities in Florence, Venice, Rome, Turin, and all over Tuscany in Italy.