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First car ever made

The automobile history begins in 1600s and first ever made car is a steam-propelled car designed by Ferdinand Verbiest in 1672 in China. As the vehicle was only 65 cm long and it is not designed to carry human passengers, therefore some car enthusiasts did not strictly recognize Verbiest’s designed as a car. However, the definition of car is a vehicle with four wheels and can be propelled by any power, thus this vehicle is known as the Verbiest’s car as well as the first car ever made.

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Who invented the first car

Who invented the first car? Here is the list of who invented the first gasoline-powered car, self-propelled vehicle, steam-powered car, and electric cars. The most recognized person who invented the first ever car powered by gasoline is Karl Benz. Nevertheless, there are still many inventor of the car who contributed a lot in bringing up automobile industry today.

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What is a good first car for a teenager

What is a good first car for a teenager? Here is your scrumptious A-list of cars that is good and suitable to buy for a teenager who just got his driving license. Consider the safety for a teen driver who may still reckless, the price that parents can support to buy the car, as well as the usage and purpose of the car such as it is for the teenager learning to drive a car, what is exactly a good car for a teenager as their first car? Here we …

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First car invented

Who invented the first car? The first car invented and built in 1885 and unveiled in 1886 by Karl Benz. The first car, Benz Patent Motorwagen, is the first car ever made in history powered by gasoline with an engine motorized by an internal combustion. Before 1885, there are some steam powered and electric powered car invented by Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot and Robert Anderson, but Karl Benz’s invention is widely recognize as the first car or the first automobile in the history, which is, a vehicle designed to be propelled by …