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65th Macau Grand Prix (15-18 Nov 2018)


The 65th Macau Grand Prix held on 15 to 18 November 2018. Our crew had arrived in Macau 1 day earlier and we happened to have the chance to pre-visit all the most internationally prestigious event. It is definitely a legendary event and it is now edging into its sixth decade! The best racers, best racing cars, best motorcycle, and also the best pit girls are all here, twisting Guia street circuit of Macao city. For those who are already in Macau, do not miss this Auto Show before the real show! Let’s check out the photos we took today!

Macau Grand Prix

Those racing engines under the car hood makes the weather in Macau hotter!
Macau Grand Prix supercars

Here’s a BMW M5 well-tuned race car!
Macau Grand Prix BMW

A Nissan GTR sitting with a V12 powered Audi R10!
Macau Grand Prix Nissan GTR

Here’s the GTR twins!
Macau Grand Prix Nissan GTR

Although this Formula 3 is just a show car, it is a big head-turner!
Macau Grand Prix Formula 3

The Porsche 911 and 991! Both are amazing sports cars!
Macau Grand Prix Porsche

Another Lime green Porsche!
Macau Grand Prix Porsche

This Mercedes-Benz has successfully attracted a lot of visitors!
Macau Grand Prix Mercedes-Benz race car

Last but not least, if you happened to visit Macau, you can’t miss the famous milk pudding!
macau famous milk pudding


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