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Buy a Proton Saga with cash: Wise or not?

We received an email from Tracy who decided to buy a Proton saga but in dilemma either to pay it with cash or go for a short term loan. Here is her message to us.
“Dear Angelina, I read two articles in Malaysiaminilover, one is regarding tips to buy a Proton Saga and another one is smart or stupid to buy car with cash in Malaysia. Both articles help me a lot but I am still in dilemma. I am about to buy a used Proton Saga with the price tag …

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Cars under RM5000 dollars you might consider

The biggest advantage of buying cars under RM5000 dollars is that the maximum depreciation will not over RM5000. This is because the car can be sold as scrapped metal for at least RM500 dollars at the end of the day. Buying a reliable budget car is good but buying a bad and unreliable budget car will bring many hassles and extra money will be wasted to repair the car. Therefore, choose properly before decision is made.
Toyota Corolla KE70 (up to 1990s)

It is always good to give a try either it …

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Car buying tips: Buy a Proton Saga

This is a very good and useful car buying tips written by one of Malaysiaminilover’s editor about buying a Proton Saga. When a person plans to buy either a new car or a used car, many factors have to put into consideration. This article has almost all the factors you need to consider either buying a new car or used car. Hope it helps our readers here. The article starts here.

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Used car buying tips: Choosing the model year of a used car

Here is a very useful used car buying tips for anyone who is in the middle of buying a used car or plan to buy your next car. Often there are many questions to ask when buying a used car, and one of the most important questions is, which year of the car should I buy? Let’s say you have already have in mind to purchase a used Toyota Prius, but which year is the best suitable for you? Here are some of the calculations that could solve the dilemma (We …

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Buy car with cash vs. Buy car with auto loan

Here is another article for buy car with cash vs. buy car with auto loan. Previously, we have discussed which one is better in many kind of scenario. Here is one where we compare if you buy a car with cash and buy a car with auto loan and use the cash to pay off the auto loan. This scenario is unlike all previous cases, where you keep the money in the same place but you have to pay the monthly car payment from other source of income.

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Buy car with cash when car loan is high? Smart or stupid?

Previously we did a simple calculation to compare buy car with auto loan and buy car with cash in the United States. The result somehow turn out buying a car with car loan is more practical as buyer tends to save up few thousand dollars in the end. The logic works for some other countries which have different kind of auto loan system than the U.S. including Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore (see also: buy car with cash in Malaysia: Smart or Stupid? and Buy car with cash vs. Buy car with auto …