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Buy car with cash in Malaysia: Smart or Stupid?

We had an article “Buy car with cash: good or bad?” to compare how the money appear and disappear when a person buy a car with cash or with auto loan. That calculation is base on the car loan system in the United States. Here we have another calculation based on the car loan system in Malaysia and some other countries which have the similar system including Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, and among others.

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Buy car with cash: good or bad?

Buy car with cash, good or bad? Should buy it with cash or buy it with car loan?

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Car buying tricks and tips

Here are top 3 best of the best car buying tricks, techniques, strategies, and car buying advices you should take when buying new cars or used cars. Car dealer can play tricks in selling a car to their customers but turn a way round as customers, you can also play some tricks to get the best deal especially buying used cars. Check out these tricks now!

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New car buying tips

Buy a new car you need cash but you definitely need professional car buying tips to help you save huge money. Here we share you some delicious tips about buying a new car and how to buy a new car in easy 5 steps. These tips are written by a retired salesman who worked in a car dealer shop for more than 15 years. Do not over look some of the little thing that you can do when buying a new car, this little thing is able to help you …

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New car rebates

Here is your delicious guide on new car rebates and new car incentives that could help you save up thousands of dollars through cash back rebates and dealer incentives. Among those great savings are low car loan interest, cheap car insurance rate, dealer incentives, dealer cash back coupon, free extended warranties, free maintenance, and some others great savings.

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Dirt cheap cars

Here is your delicious A-list of dirt cheap cars and dirt cheap used cars that are dirtily cheap to buy, reliable to use and low depreciation. There are millions of ordinary people who work like hell but one third of the salary pay to car loan every month. Some even spend half of their salary to pay for car loan every month and suffer in life. If you are having limited budget, why not get a cheap cars like cars under 500 dollars or cars under 1000 dollars?