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Car buying tricks and tips


Here are top 3 best of the best car buying tricks, techniques, strategies, and car buying advices you should take when buying new cars or used cars. Car dealer can play tricks in selling a car to their customers but turn a way round as customers, you can also play some tricks to get the best deal especially buying used cars. Check out these tricks now!

These are the top 3 super duper car buying tricks and tips on buying a car you should never miss out.

1. Shop more for less

Shop more dealers for less money. You lose nothing to shop at least 3 shops to compare the price. Shop around few dealers and check out the price of your desired car. This is a homework that you can’t skip. At least you will know the market price of the car you wish to buy. However, price for the same model of used cars may be different according to the condition, mileage on the odometer, body condition, and many other factors.

2. Car buying tricks with promotion

A good trick you can play around with car dealer except just bargain for best price is to take the advantages of car dealer’s promotions. Check around local newspaper or online information to catch the time when dealers compete for promotions. Car dealer sometimes unwilling to reduce the selling price but they are willing to give away a lots of gifts, extra car accessories, or discount cards and that will be best time to buy a car. On the other hand, extra gifts can be also a point to negotiate the car price.

3. Car buying tips to negotiate with dealer

Tell the dealer you are paying cash and try to get the best price the dealer can offer. Avoid talking about car loan and car insurance during the negotiation. Often the car price has big difference between paying cash and taking loan. Therefore not to show how much month car payment you are able to afford during the negotiation.

Do not rush to buy the car and let the dealer call you to offer you best price. Once again tell the dealer you have found better deal and let the dealer offer you the real best of the best price. Close the deal if you have done enough market survey and know that is the best deal. There are always high margin especially used cars therefore you will need to learn some car buying tricks.


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