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A day for Fiat 500 to get together

The cute little car Fiat 500 was first introduced by Fiat in July 1957 as the Nuova (means new in Italian). It was designed by Dante Giacosa. With only ~10 feet long and ~4+ feet wide, it is a very practical car to be used in town because it doesn’t require a powerful engine. The Fiat 500 is originally powered by a highly fuel saving 479 cc two-cylinder engine, giving a very decent horse power to bring four adults from one place to another. The outlook of this 2-door car …

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World’s ugliest customize car

Someone, probably a man, has tried to customize this Fiat 126 and it turns out really ugly. It has set a new record as the ugliest customize car in the world. Look at that monster-type bodykits, weird front bumper, rubbish-look-a-like spoiler, creepy car hood and wheels. What the hell he is thinking?
If you want to customize your own car, make sure you have follow the top five steps we mentioned before. Starting from engine and performance parts to chassis and wheels, and then customize the exterior with nice bodykits or …

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World’s ugliest car: The Fiat Multipla is with beer belly

If you follow what we write about automobile world since day one, we seldom want to criticize how ugly a car is but the ugliness couldn’t stop us from writing an article to disparage it. The production of this car has no longer available and it is really doesn’t matter for us to talk about it right now. It is the Fiat Multipla that released by Fiat in 1998.

The Multipla was base on the Brava but Fiat wants to make the car a little wider so that the front row …

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Fiat Cars

When mention aboutFiatcarsmost people will think of the famous Fiat 500. Here we give you the delicious A-list of Fiat cars review, information, and a little bit history of Fiat.
It was all started in 1899 in the city of Turin in Italy. Fiat (Fiat S.p.A.) was founded by Giovanni Agnelli. The company initially manufactured railroad vehicles, tanks, and aircraft but later on morphed into engine and automobile manufacturer.