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World’s ugliest customize car


Ugly customize Fiat 126

Someone, probably a man, has tried to customize this Fiat 126 and it turns out really ugly. It has set a new record as the ugliest customize car in the world. Look at that monster-type bodykits, weird front bumper, rubbish-look-a-like spoiler, creepy car hood and wheels. What the hell he is thinking?

If you want to customize your own car, make sure you have follow the top five steps we mentioned before. Starting from engine and performance parts to chassis and wheels, and then customize the exterior with nice bodykits or airbrush. In order to make the car look cool, a set of nice wheels is a must. Then you have to decorate the interior and cockpit based on your preference. If budget is not a problem, a set of nice stereo systems will be great.


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