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Peugeot RCZ

There is a lot of “Wow! Wow! Wow!” when everyone saw the first debut of the Peugeot RCZ at the Frankfurt Auto Show in 2009. The reason why there are so many excitements is because Peugeot fans has been long waiting for something new, fresh, and different from the French auto maker. It has been long time since Peugeot built cars that really get their fans excited about. And now, the RCZ finally make all the car lovers feel like having level 1 drugs when looking at it and top …

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Peugeot Cars

From Peugeot 107 to Peugeot 207 to Peugeot 307, Peugeot cars are best suitable for people who want a car with excellent performance and domineer.
Peugeot is an automobile manufacturer with a long history of making cars in Europe. This French automaker was founded in 1896 by Armand Peugeot as Société des Automobiles Peugeot.