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A Few Really Cool Classic Cars For Sale

As a car lover, these classic cars really attract my eyes. I was in a shopping mall this evening and I saw a bunch of classic cars that shine bright like a diamond in front of me. Without doubt, I took a few photos because they deserve to be shared to the internet, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and any car related websites. Here is a Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit in immaculate condition. Sitting next beside to it is a Jaguar XK 140.

Next to the Jaguar is a gold color Mercedes-Benz W111. W111 was built by …

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What will you drive if you can go back to yesterday once more

What will you drive if you can go back to yesterday once more? Will you go for the Austin Seven Mini MK1? Will you go for the 1955 Chevrolet Cameo Pickup truck? What about a Ford Thunderbird? Whatever classic cars that you preferred, here in MalaysiaMiniLover we are going to bring you back to yesterday once more. These photos have a lot of old cars and stuffs that were used in the past. They are are taken by our photographers to excavate some of your memory if you were born …

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Chevrolet Cars Weight

Here is the list of Chevy or Chevrolet cars weight and Chevrolet cars Gross Vehicle Weight Rating (GVWR). If you are driving any Chevys, this is what you are looking for if you are wondering how much does my car weigh. The weight shown here is in lbs. GVWR is the maximum recommended weight for a vehicle. It is the total of base curb weight of the vehicle plus the weight of any optional accessories. These accessories can be the weight of cargo or passengers. On the other hand, curb …

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Chevrolet Cars

Although not every Chevrolet Camaro can turn to be Bumblebee, Chevroletcars are one of the most dependable, reliable, and affordable car brand in the automobile market.
Chevrolet (also known as Chevy), is a famous car brand produced by GM (General Motors Company). The brand was founded in 1911 by Louis Chevrolet and William C. Durant. They are one of the biggest competitors to Ford cars during 1920s.

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Chevy rear brake repair diagram

Here you can find a useful Chevy rear brake repair diagram for both rear disc brake repair diagram and rear drum brake repair diagram. If you own a Chevy and each time you try to slow down the car, stop the car, or pull the e-brake when you park the car but the rear brakes seems not working, then it is time to check out the brake according to the diagram.

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Bill Heard Chevrolet

Bill heard Chevrolet, there are a line of unsold Chevrolet cars sitting unattended on the Bill Heard lot in Sugar Land, Texas ever since the company unexpectedly ceased operation on 24 September 2008 with mounting pressure from lenders and regulators. Well, there is no news saying these cars have become any impounded cars for sale but there are 2 security guards were hired by GM to make sure there is no car leave from the lot. There are several Bill Heard Chevrolet branch at the States such as Georgia, Houston, …