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A Few Really Cool Classic Cars For Sale

As a car lover, these classic cars really attract my eyes. I was in a shopping mall this evening and I saw a bunch of classic cars that shine bright like a diamond in front of me. Without doubt, I took a few photos because they deserve to be shared to the internet, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and any car related websites. Here is a Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit in immaculate condition. Sitting next beside to it is a Jaguar XK 140.

Next to the Jaguar is a gold color Mercedes-Benz W111. W111 was built by …

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This is how you bring a car into your room

Don’t you think only people who crazy about cars will keep their cars in their living room? The MG Midget in the photos is obviously well pampered by its owner. It has a special room and the owner put it inside the house. The car will definitely clean because it stays away from any dust and the room probably equipped with air-conditioning. In order to bring the car into the room, there is a huge price to pay. The room is located at second floor in a building that doesn’t …

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MG Car Club

If you own any piece of the legendary MG cars, you can’t miss the list of MG car club from around the world. The list here includes the contact and official websites of each of every MG car club. From UK to New Zealand to Australia, there are more than 50 car club especially for MG cars from around the world. If you would like to know more about MG cars detail or look for any MG car parts or MG owner’s manual, this is a list you must bookmark …

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MG Cars

From MG TD to MG Midget, MG Cars is best known for MG sports cars especially two-door two-seater open roof sports cars.
MG was founded by William Morris and Cecil Kimber in 1924 in England, UK. This British automaker is always the first choice for people who love classic two-door open roof sports cars.

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MG sports cars page 2

In mid 30’s until today, there are still many great MG sports cars were built. Among these nice sports cars are the MG TF, Midget, MGA, MGB, MGB GT V8, and among others. This is page 2, for page 1, please click MG sports cars page 1.

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MG sports cars

Here is your delicious full list of MG sports cars with pictures since the first model of MG sports cars unveiled in 1924. MG Cars Company founded in 1942 and it is a former British sports car manufacturer that built a lot of nice sports cars. Most of the British car lovers will fall in love with MG cars because of the appearance, the technical features, the speed, power, and the comfort of the car.