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Here is your delicious full list of MG sports cars with pictures since the first model of MG sports cars unveiled in 1924. MG Cars Company founded in 1942 and it is a former British sports car manufacturer that built a lot of nice sports cars. Most of the British car lovers will fall in love with MG cars because of the appearance, the technical features, the speed, power, and the comfort of the car.

1924-1927 MG 14/28

The MG 14/28 is a two-door and four-seater open tourer sports cars. It fitted with 1802 cc engine and a three speed manual gear box. Also, the 14/28 was the first car and also first sports cars produced by MG Car company and launched in 1924. Total of 400 cars were produced.

1927-1929 MG 14/40

The MG 14/40 is the evolution model of 14/28 and produced from 1927 to 1929. Upgraded suspension and braking system as well as fitted with a more powerful engine of 35 hp at 4000 rom. Total of 851 cars were built.

1929-1932 MG M-type Midget

The MG M-type Midget sometimes referred to as the 8/33. It is a 2-door roadster coupe that uses four-cylinder bevel-gear driven engine with single SU carburetor. The car produced 20 bhp at 4000rpm. Total of 3235 cars were built.

1931-1932 MG C-type Midget

MG c-type midget
The C-type is a special edition sports cars built by MG from 1931 to 1932. There were only 43 cars were made with 746cc engine.

1931-1932 MG D-type Midget

The D type comes with two body style which is four seat roadster and four seat Salonette. The car used the M-Typed 847 engine produces 27 bhp at 4500 rpm. Total of 250 cars were built.

1931-1932 MG F-type Magna 12/70

The F-type Magna is a 2 seat open tourer fitted with 1271 cc engine and twin SU carburetors that produced 47 bhp at 4100 rpm. Total of 1250 cars were built over 2 years.

1932-1934 MG J-type Midget

What makes the J-Type as one of the famous MG sports cars is the iconic 2-piece of semi round windscreen. Total of 2494 cars and four main model were built, J1, J2, J3, and J4.

1932-1934 MG K-type Magnette

The Magnette is the replacement for F-type Magna. One of the most famous Magnette is the KC engine for the racing cars which is added with supercharger power and produce up to 120 bhp at 6500 rpm.

1933-1934 MG L-type Magna

There are two models of the L-Type Magna, L1 Magna, and L2 Magna. The L1 Magna is a four-seat roadster and 486 were built while the L2 Magna is a two-seat roadster and only 90 were built. That has made the L2 Magna become one of the best collector cars today.

1934-1936 MG N-type Magnette

The N-type Magnette was more cool sports cars developed from the K-Type and L-Type but had a new chassis and fitted with four speed manual 1271cc engine. A total number of 745 N-Type were built in four models which is the MG NA, MG NB, MG ND, and MG NE. See next page of MG sports cars.


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