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A Few Really Cool Classic Cars For Sale

As a car lover, these classic cars really attract my eyes. I was in a shopping mall this evening and I saw a bunch of classic cars that shine bright like a diamond in front of me. Without doubt, I took a few photos because they deserve to be shared to the internet, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and any car related websites. Here is a Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit in immaculate condition. Sitting next beside to it is a Jaguar XK 140.

Next to the Jaguar is a gold color Mercedes-Benz W111. W111 was built by …

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When Pretty Girls Meet with Ferrari

It has been quite some time since the fanatical photos of pretty car girls were exposed here in malaysiaminilover.com. Today, we have updated 19 most wanted Asian girls who pose with a Ferrari. Some of these hot car girls pose beside a Ferrari while some pose “inside” a Ferrari. There are red, blue, grey, yellow and some custom color Ferrari cars in these photos. Ferrari fans and pretty girl lovers, these are the photos you have been long waiting for.

Red short skirts in a red Ferrari, it looks hotter than …

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Car Jokes: Ferrari vs. Train

One of the richest men in Dubai bought a Ferrari Enzo for his son to use it to college. Instead of the always red Enzo, he painted it to pure gold and makes the car a 100% head-turner. One day, he received his son’s email from college:
Dear Daddy,
I love the golden Ferrari Enzo very much. My college here is very beautiful and people are very polite to me. However, it makes me feel ashamed to arrive at my own college with my pure-gold Ferrari Enzo, when all my fellow teacher …

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Car photo of the day: Ferrari kissed truck ass

The driver of a Ferrari F430 somehow somewhat (lost control, oversteer, understeer, step on the gas pedal too much, look at pretty girls, look at trees around) kissed the ass of the truck.

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Fahrradi Farfalla FFX – Ferrari look-alike bicycle

An Australian artist built a Ferrari look-alike bicycle – the Fahrradi Farfalla FFX, where FF stands for its power option, Fred Flintstone. This homemade Ferrari Fahrradi Farfalla FFX did not powered by anything above 500hp but it is equipped with pedals, crank arm, chain rings, handle, absorber, brakes, gear, four wheels, and some basic things you may find on a typical bicycle. In other words, power from driver’s leg is the source to move the car.
Guess what? The car has side mirror, glass look-alike sunroof, two seats, and gullwing doors! …

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World’s one and only Ferrari motorcycle fetches £85,000

World’s one and only Ferrari motorcycle sold at Bonhams auction in UK on April 29th for £85,000, that’s about $137,700. It is no surprise that motor cars or motorcycles sold through the largest auction house always fetch an astonishing price tag. All vehicles went into the auction house either had a great history or once owned by a great man before, such as the rusty Mini sold for £40,250 last week and the eBay auction for Neil Armstrong’s Corvette Sting Ray that end with a final sky-high price of $250,090.
So, …