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World’s one and only Ferrari motorcycle fetches £85,000


Ferrari Motorcycle

World’s one and only Ferrari motorcycle sold at Bonhams auction in UK on April 29th for £85,000, that’s about $137,700. It is no surprise that motor cars or motorcycles sold through the largest auction house always fetch an astonishing price tag. All vehicles went into the auction house either had a great history or once owned by a great man before, such as the rusty Mini sold for £40,250 last week and the eBay auction for Neil Armstrong’s Corvette Sting Ray that end with a final sky-high price of $250,090.

So, what is so special about this Ferrari motorcycle besides it is the only one motorcycle that badged the prancing horse? The two-seater, roofless, a-rain-coat-is-needed motorcycle is built completely from scratch by the well-known bike-maker David Kay Engineering and officially sanctioned by Piero Ferrari in 1990, two years after his father Enzo Ferrari passed away.

Ferrari Motorcycle 900cc

The motorcycle didn’t have any big horsepower V12 engine. It has a simple 900cc non-Ferrari engine that produces 105bhp. The body did not contain any carbon fiber parts but it is made out of aluminum to reduce its weight to a mere 172kg. One reason this motorcycle is badged with Ferrari logo is because it is able to accelerate from a standstill to 60mph in under three seconds, and that’s a Ferrari!

So far this motorcycle has only one owner for the past 17 years since it was completed in 1995, a private British collector whom we believe he has kept this motorcycle in his living room as a piece of art more than a vehicle.

Ferrari Motorbike

£85,000 may have surprised many people but if you are a big follower of Banhams, there are few motorcycles sold at higher price, these being the 1955 Vincent 998cc for £124,700, the 1939 Vincent-HRD 998cc for £225,500, and the 1934 Brough Superior 996cc for £242,300.

In a nutshell, the one-off scratch built 900cc motorcycle has a strong connection to one of the most prominent sports cars maker and it is a tribute to Enzo Ferrari. It is definitely a piece of history that we can’t see it else where. Audi paid more than €850 million for Italian bike brand Ducati and someone has just paid £85,000 for this motorcycle. What do you say? Worth or not?

Ferrari Motorcycle


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