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Buy a Proton Saga with cash: Wise or not?

We received an email from Tracy who decided to buy a Proton saga but in dilemma either to pay it with cash or go for a short term loan. Here is her message to us.
“Dear Angelina, I read two articles in Malaysiaminilover, one is regarding tips to buy a Proton Saga and another one is smart or stupid to buy car with cash in Malaysia. Both articles help me a lot but I am still in dilemma. I am about to buy a used Proton Saga with the price tag …

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The death of the hero Proton Wira

Proton Wira was born in 1993 as the official second son of Malaysian car maker Proton. It serves the country very well for 15 years and it is almost the only car for most of the youngster inMalaysia to pick up their girls in the ‘90s. Wira is means hero in Malay language. The price, performance, and the reliability of the car make it a real hero for the market. Why such a good car deceased in 2007 and replace with Proton Gen-2?

What about the outlook? When the Proton Wira …

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Car buying tips: Buy a Proton Saga

This is a very good and useful car buying tips written by one of Malaysiaminilover’s editor about buying a Proton Saga. When a person plans to buy either a new car or a used car, many factors have to put into consideration. This article has almost all the factors you need to consider either buying a new car or used car. Hope it helps our readers here. The article starts here.

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Proton Cars

Proton cars give a total new feeling to automobile lovers when the first Proton car Proton Saga was introduced to the world in September 1985.
Malaysia-born car manufacturer Proton was founded in 1983. In Malay, Proton is acronym for Perusahaan Otomobil Nasional, meaning National Automobile Enterprise. Proton is a huge success for automobile industry in Malaysia. It is currently the owner of the famous sports cars maker Lotus.