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From MG TD to MG Midget, MG Cars is best known for MG sports cars especially two-door two-seater open roof sports cars.

MG was founded by William Morris and Cecil Kimber in 1924 in England, UK. This British automaker is always the first choice for people who love classic two-door open roof sports cars.

The first MG car was debuted in 1924, the MG 14/28. It is a two-door coupe sport car equipped with 1802 cc four cylinder engine. Approximately 400 units were built from 1924 to 1927. The productions continue and one of the most notable MG cars was born in 1928, the MG 18/80, fitted with the traditional vertical MG grille.

During 1930s, MG named their vehicles using “type”. We saw the birth of MG M-type Midget, MG C-type Midget, MG D-type Midget, MG F-type Midget, MG J-type Midget, MG K-type Midget, MG L-type Midget, MG N-type Midget, and MG P-type Midget.

Notable MG Sports Cars

  • MG Midget (1961 – 1979) – See Midget Models for a full range of MG Midget cars.
  • MG TD (1950 – 1953) – MG TD is one of the most wanted MG cars for sale among the T-Series. In 1936, MG TA Midget was introduced, follow by MG TB Midget in 1939, MG TC Midget in 1945, MG TD in 1950, and MG TF Midget in 1953.
  • MG MGA (1955 – 1962)
  • MG MGB (1962 – 1980) – In 1973, a more upscale model MGB GT V8 was introduced.
  • MG MBC (1968 – 1969)
MG cars
Several MG cars parked in a line. Photo by Howsen, copyright @ Malaysiaminilover.com

During 1990s, MG introduced MG RV8, MG F, and MG TF in 2002. Other than sports cars, there are several subcompact and compact cars by MG such as the MG Metro, MG ZR, MG 3, MG Magnette, MG SA, MG ZT, MG Xpower SV, and many more to be listed here include MG Touring cars. Today, there are many MG Car Club and MG Owners Club formed around the world, this makes MG parts easy to be accessed everywhere no matter which MG cars you have.


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