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In mid 30’s until today, there are still many great MG sports cars were built. Among these nice sports cars are the MG TF, Midget, MGA, MGB, MGB GT V8, and among others. This is page 2, for page 1, please click MG sports cars page 1.

1934-1936 MG P-type Midget

MG P-Type Midget
The MG P-type was produced from 1934 to 1936 and two versions were built. The first version, MG PA used an 847 cc engine with twin SU carburetors that produced 36 bhp at 5,500 rpm and 2000 PA were made from 1934 to 1935. Later version, MG PB was built from 1935 to 1936 using a bigger 939 cc engine and only 526 cars were made.

1936-1955 MG T-series Midget

Well, MG named all their sports cars according to alphabet and you can remember easily. During 1936 to 1955, T-series model sports cars were built by MG including the TA, TB, TC, TD, and TF. All of them shared the same chassis. From A to F, it is easy to remember.

1936-1939 MG TA Midget

3000 cars were built. The TA is fitted with 1292 cc MPJG type engine.

1939-1940 MG TB Midget

Only 370 cars were built. The TB is fitted with 1250 cc XPAG type engine and it had a maximum power of 54 hp at 5200 rpm.

1945-1950 MG TC Midget

The TC was built after World War II. It is fitted with 1250 cc XPAG engine and a total number of 10,000 TC were built in five years time.

1950-1953 MG TD Midget

The TD is one of the most well-known MG sports cars built from 1950 to 1953. During that time MG is recognized in building luxury and high performance sports cars. Approximately there are total number of 30,000 MG TD were built and it was the most T-series ever produced. In 1998, a Malaysia company TD Cars Sdn Bhd acquire the intellectual properties and trade marks accociated with the production of MG TD and reproduce the TD series as TD2000.

1953-1955 MG TF Midget

MG TF Midget
The TF is the last version of the MG T-series. Two versions were made, the TF and TF 1500. A standard TF fitted with 1250 cc engine which TF 1500 comes with 1466 cc engine. Approximately 9602 TFs were built over 2 years time.

1955-1962 MGA

The MGA is another version of sports cars produced by MG which had totally get a new look from T-series. The MGA is a smaller, lower version of sports cars. The MGA was built in different versions such as MG A 1500, MGA Twin Cam, MGA 1600, and MGA 1600 MK II. A total number of 101,081 MGA were built.

1961-1979 MG Midget

MG midget
MG Midget models were produced in MKI, MKII, MKIII, and MKIV. A total number of 226,001 were built. This number has shown MG sports cars are a big success during 1950s and 1960s until today.

1962-1980 MGB

MGB is the replacement of MGA. Few perfect versions were built such as the MGB Roadster, MGB GT, MGB GT V8. Nearly 500,000 MGBs were built from 1962 to 1980 and about a 200,000 MGBs is still survive in our world today, therefore the MGB is an inexpensive sports cars to own today.

1968-1969 MGC

About 9002 MGC were made. The MGC is built as a 2-door roadster that uses a 2912 cc C-Series engine.

1973-1976 MGB GT V8

MGB GT V8 is another MGB versions but it has fitted with 3528 cc Rover V8 engine. The GT V8 produces 180 bhp. All the V8-powered GT versions were produced by the factory and a total of 2591 were made.

1992-1995 MG RV8

MG had stopped to produce sports cars in 1976 for 16 years. In 1992, MG reproduced a new body panels and created an updated version of the 60s MGB car which known as the MG RV8. This time, a 3926 cc Rover V8 engine was fitted to the car and only 2000 were made as collector’s car.

1995-2005 MG F

In 1995, MG continue to produce sports cars and came out with the MG F. The appearance of the car has the MGB and MG RV8 feeling.

2002 until today MG TF

The MG TF is a brand new version of today’s sports cars to bear the MG marquee since the MG MGB. The production of MG TF starts from 2002 but it was stopped in 2005, and later continues in 2007 until today under new owners Nanjing Automobile of China. See previous page of MG sports cars.


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