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If you own any piece of the legendary MG cars, you can’t miss the list of MG car club from around the world. The list here includes the contact and official websites of each of every MG car club. From UK to New Zealand to Australia, there are more than 50 car club especially for MG cars from around the world. If you would like to know more about MG cars detail or look for any MG car parts or MG owner’s manual, this is a list you must bookmark it!

MBG from Malaysia

MG Car Club in UK

  • MGcc.co.uk – One of the biggest car clubs with more than 35000 MG car owners. MGCC helps every MG owners to obtain and save money on car insurance in UK as well as provide all kind of classic and modern MG spare parts.
  • MGcars.org.uk/mgss – This club was formed in 1930 originally by MG factory.
  • MGownersclub.co.uk – MG Owners Club was formed in 1973 to serve the growing needs of the MG sports car.
  • MGcars.org.uk – For MG Enthusiasts from around the world.

MG Car Club in New Zealand

  • MGCarClub.org.nz – MG Car Club in New Zealand.

MG Car Club in Australia

  • MGcc.com.au – MG Car Club of Victoria Australia.
  • MGcarclubsydney.com.au – Located in New South Wales Australia. This club is registered under MG Car Club Ltd based in NSW. It is a non-profit organization affiliated with the UK MG Car Club. If you own any MG cars and you would like to join a club in Sydney, this is where you should go.
  • MGccgeelong.com.au – Established in 1973, Geelong MG Car club has over 500 members who own and who going to own MG cars. Anyone is welcome to join.
  • MGCCSA.org.au – This is the club for MG owners who stay in South Australia. MGCCSA offers buy and sell facility and also merchandise.
  • MGtas.org.au – For Tasmanian who own MG cars, you should always check out this website for the latest and most recent events in Tasmania.

MG Car Club in United States

  • NCMGcarclub.org – NCMGCC is a Raleigh, North Carolina based MG club with over 100 members. Everyone who own or intereted in MGs are welcome to join.
  • MGcarclubflorida.org – This is one of the oldest MG Clubs in the State of Florida. It originated in Jacksonville, FL. The Chairman is Mr Jerry Keuper.
  • MGcarclubdc.com – The homepage of the MG Car Club in Washington, DC Centre.
MG Car Club in Malaysia
  • Kelab MG Malaysia – Formed on 23 June 1974. Located at No. 9. Road SS3/39, University Garden, Petaling Jaya, 47300, Malaysia. Contact person: Mr. T.T. Hong <mgclubmalaysia@gmail.com>. Contact number: +60-012-212-5175

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