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World’s ugliest car: The Fiat Multipla is with beer belly


If you follow what we write about automobile world since day one, we seldom want to criticize how ugly a car is but the ugliness couldn’t stop us from writing an article to disparage it. The production of this car has no longer available and it is really doesn’t matter for us to talk about it right now. It is the Fiat Multipla that released by Fiat in 1998.

The Multipla was base on the Brava but Fiat wants to make the car a little wider so that the front row can fit in three adults. When the width of the car was broaden, the second role can also fit in three seats nicely. Two rows of three seats is the biggest selling point of the Multipla compared to some of its competitor during that time like the Renault Kangoo the car eventually shorter than its rivals.

We understand that Fiat wants to create a car that gives comfort ride to its passengers just like one of its biggest success Fiat 600 Multipla. The 600 Multipla is world’s first minivan and it was a big hit in the ‘50s to ‘60s. A car that is cute to look at, nice to ride on, and eye-catching. The 1998 Fiat Multipla has slightly the look but it doesn’t have the feeling that the Fiat 600 Multipla has. When the design of the car is widen and shorten, the car has become weird and ugly like a beer belly (You may also want to see the coffin-look Volvo S60). We do not understand why there is another layer of “belly” in between the car windscreen and the car hood. More over, the belly is even added with eyes.

Can you spot the similarity between the left and right image?

Forget about the outlook, the two-row six-seater family car was voted by Top Gear as “Car of the Year” in 2000. It is really comfortable to ride on and three in the front row is once in a blue moon in automobile history. As for the performance, the car is available in 1.6L and 1.9L with 5-speed manual transmission which is powerful enough to pull the car with curb weight in between 1300 and 1490 kg. Nothing much to praise this car anymore since it has now been replaced by the rebadged Dodge Journey and named Fiat Freemont which is much better looking and more charming.


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