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New car rebates


Here is your delicious guide on new car rebates and new car incentives that could help you save up thousands of dollars through cash back rebates and dealer incentives. Among those great savings are low car loan interest, cheap car insurance rate, dealer incentives, dealer cash back coupon, free extended warranties, free maintenance, and some others great savings.

Here are some tips and new car buying guide where you can save up over thousands of dollars in your buying.

Choose a new car with rebates offer

There are many new cars come with rebates offer. Some are in cash rebates while some are in cash coupon for you to use it in future car maintenance. You will have to browse through the dealer price list if you would like to get rebates. There are some new cars give good rebates like 2010 Buick Lucerne rebates $4000 dollars, 2010 Chevrolet Avalanche rebates $5000 dollars, 2010 Ford F-350 Super Duty rebates $5000, 2010 Lincoln Navigator rebates $3500.

A good advice on how to buy a new car is to choose the right time to buy the right car. Once awhile dealers are giving good rebates for new car when a car’s design cycle is ending or during its anniversary sale. For example, the 2010 GMC Sierra 1500 is giving $5000 rebates.

Find discount on new car financing

Car loan interest rates playing a big role to define the total amount you will be paid for your car. One percent could bring a big different. There are many car dealers offer good rebates on financing offers with low APR interest rate, so choose wisely. If both dealers give same MSRP car price, choose the one with lower APR financing rate.

Where to find these rebates?

A big saving in buying a new car is to go for certified pre-owned cars. Pre-owned cars come from lease programs, trade-ins, or vehicle auctions that have been inspected by car dealers. If you purchase it properly it will be a great deal for you because the financing is cheaper and some manufacturers offer great warranty protection with good rebates. It is often that factory or manufacturers offer loyalty rebates to military, student or teenager who are buying new car for first time, and returning customers like people who trade-in an old Ford for a new Ford. Local dealers advertisement through newspaper or car magazines and online research are easiest and best places to shop for new car rebates.


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