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Dirt cheap cars


Here is your delicious A-list of dirt cheap cars and dirt cheap used cars that are dirtily cheap to buy, reliable to use and low depreciation. There are millions of ordinary people who work like hell but one third of the salary pay to car loan every month. Some even spend half of their salary to pay for car loan every month and suffer in life. If you are having limited budget, why not get a cheap cars like cars under 500 dollars or cars under 1000 dollars?

You should only buy a brand new car when you have enough budget for down payment as well as monthly car payment (learn how to calculate a monthly car payment). People with less money but fail to resist the eager to buy a brand new unaffordable expensive car are loser.

If you know nothing about used cars and you are worrying about the maintenance for used cars, you may try the world’s cheapest cars, the Tata Nano. The most basic model for the Nano is approximately only US$2,160. With only 10 feet by 5 feet, the car is able to fit in four adults comfortable. If you think two grands for a brand new car isn’t dirt cheap enough you will have to find used cars for sale.

Finding any dirt cheap cars isn’t a hard job and it is always available out there everywhere. If you are someone have some knowledge about cars you can choose a car that suitable for your budget. The budget may include some minor repair on the car. Always remember there is no perfect cheap cars, perfect cars will not cheap! However, you got nothing to worries even you are car dummies, you can bring a trustable mechanic to check out the car before you decide to buy it.

Cheap used cars are everywhere as long as you look for it at the right place and at the right time. Some right place to look for good bargain are:  Cars under RM5000 dollars you might considerimpounded cars for sale, old junk cars for sale, Cheap old cars for sale, Salvage cars for sale, or wrecked cars for sale. Sometime you are able to get nice car for less than 500 dollars in these places.

Other than that, garage sales, your local Buy & Sell vehicle sites, government auctions, or junkyard are also great places to look for dirt cheap used cars. Keep in mind that a man’s offer is another man’s extravagance, so start your search for some real dirt cheap cars.


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