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New car buying tips


Buy a new car you need cash but you definitely need professional car buying tips to help you save huge money. Here we share you some delicious tips about buying a new car and how to buy a new car in easy 5 steps. These tips are written by a retired salesman who worked in a car dealer shop for more than 15 years. Do not over look some of the little thing that you can do when buying a new car, this little thing is able to help you save up thousands of dollars if you do it in right way.

Step 1 – Knowing what is new car

Buying a new car is like adding another thing in your life that will take money out from your pocket every month. You will have to calculate your budget properly for monthly car installment, car insurance, car loan, and car maintenance. Do not overlook all costs and consider to buy a new car or a used car base on your budget.

Step 2 – Find out the market price

Find out the market price through internet, local car magazine, buy and sell portal once you have know what kind of cars you want. Keep in mind that the published price is always marked up by dealer and there is always room to negotiate with the dealer. See some car buying secrets.

Step 3 – Get the best offer for car loan

Here is one of the buying tips that you must take note, the car loan interest rate. One percent (%) different could cost you a lot more in the end of the car. Shop for more loan company to find out the lowest interest rate you can get.

Step 4 – Buy the right car insurance

Keep in mind, car insurance has got no tangible return AT ALL if there is nothing happened, do not over protect your car but do not under protect the driver.

Step 5 – Beware of your used car trade-in

You will need to ask how much is my car worth from few dealers and find out the highest trade-in value of your used car. Do not over excited and let dealer take the chance to give you small discount but trade in your car with low price.

Tips to save money when buying new car

New car tax credit helps you to save money. If you income is between $125,000 and $135,000, choose a new car below $49,500 and qualified for tax deduction is a smart way.

New car rebates. Negotiate the best price you get from online quotes with the dealers at your area as well as tell them the trade-in value you expected. Ask for new car rebates and always let the dealer know you are buying the car with cash.

Last but not least, choose the right time to buy the right car. There are always big discount during end of model year for a car, holiday period, or end of month. In conclusion, what save you big money is the discount you get from dealer through the negotiation, new car rebates, new car tax credit, and car loan interest rate.


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