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List of cars under $10000 dollars for 2012

Considering the average new car price has shot up to over $30,000 for 2012, many consumers had shifted their aim to buy used car instead of a new one. It is weary for many people to serve a car loan for couple years. It is also tired to tolerate the depreciation of a new car in the first two years of ownership. Therefore, here we did a research and come out the list of cars under $10,000 dollars or cars with the price close to $10,000 for 2012 base on …

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Steps to buy a used car

There are steps to know when buying a used car either from private seller or direct owner. With the help of technology, many car owners can now direct upload their advertisement to the internet with little cost or totally free. This has bring a lots of freedom for shoppers to direct purchase a used car from owner without have to pay extra cost for used car dealer’s profit.
However, when there is expediency, there is difficulty. Scams could be happened when an advertising company neglects to filter out the scams advertisement. …

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Used car buying tips: Choosing the model year of a used car

Here is a very useful used car buying tips for anyone who is in the middle of buying a used car or plan to buy your next car. Often there are many questions to ask when buying a used car, and one of the most important questions is, which year of the car should I buy? Let’s say you have already have in mind to purchase a used Toyota Prius, but which year is the best suitable for you? Here are some of the calculations that could solve the dilemma (We …

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Top five best used car to buy

With more and more hybrid and electric cars entered the automobile world lately, the list of best used car to buy in 2010 needed an update. Find the top five best used car to buy in 2011. Best used cars means cars that value for money, reliable, low fuel consumption, and off course, comfortable to ride on.

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Used cars for sale by owner

Catch the top three myths of why there are so many potential buyers keep looking for used cars for sale by owner and why there are seller prefers to sell their cars privately. It is simple, easy, and fast to sell off a car to car dealers compare to sell it privately but there are reasons why car owner prefer to keep their car longer for the next buyer rather than sell it to car dealers. Check out the myths here and calculate the profit yourself based on these reasons.
What buyers …

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Best used car to buy

Here we tell you which are the best used car to buy based on the durability, reliability, and value. There are hundreds of used cars that achieve over 40 mpg. There are thousands of cheap used cars for sale everyday, and there are many bad used cars to avoid. You are either to be a smart consumer to find the best used car that suitable for you, or be a lemon buyer. Check out the top five best used car to buy in 2011 here.
Honda Civic Hybrid
No matter what model …