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Catch the top three myths of why there are so many potential buyers keep looking for used cars for sale by owner and why there are seller prefers to sell their cars privately. It is simple, easy, and fast to sell off a car to car dealers compare to sell it privately but there are reasons why car owner prefer to keep their car longer for the next buyer rather than sell it to car dealers. Check out the myths here and calculate the profit yourself based on these reasons.

What buyers think?

There are few reasons for buyers who like to look for used cars direct sales by owner and do not prefer to buy any used cars from car dealers. First is the car price. Car dealers usually marked up the car price higher than what you can imagine. For example, if they trade in a Ford Taurus for $13,000, they will probably sell it for $15,000 to $16,000. Here is where buyers do the math. If he buys the car directly from owner, he could have saved up to $3000 dollars for the same car. Some buyers prefer to buy a well-taken care car from private seller who loves their cars. A car own by real car enthusiast will be well maintained by the owner until the last day it is going to sell. Please take note that buyer have to beware of car dealers scams where they pretend to be private seller and advertise the car as “direct owner”.

What car seller thinks?

Seller who wants to sell their car privately without go through any car dealers mainly is just because of money. Car dealers need profit, and their profit usually comes from the difference between what they buy in and sell out. Therefore, car dealers can only offer what is lower than the market value to seller and that’s what makes them prefer to sell the car privately. See also used cars by owner.

There are few things you need to know if you prefer buying used cars direct from owner. Buyers need to check the car history properly before they get into deal. Buyers have to make sure the car is legal with correct title, for example, not salvage, not impounded. Other than that, buyer will have to get car loan and get the name transferred legally through proper process. We recommend both parties to use car bill of sale and do not just promise anything verbally. In a nutshell, if a seller wants to sell off the car quickly the only choice is to go through car dealers because they have cash otherwise seller have to hold the car until a potential buyer show up. Check out www.carsut.com if you are looking for used cars for sale by owner or if you want to sell a car privately.

Whether you are buying or selling used cars, finding used cars by owner or by dealers, considering what kind of cars best suitable for you, these tips here will definitely give you a hand. Buying or selling a car unlike buying a fish from market. It requires some skills in a car deal. As long as buyer buys the car he wants and owner sell the car within the price he expected, that’s a good deal.

There are many online portals like Carsut.com where you can find many used cars for sale by owner in your area. On the other hand, you can also advertise if you want to sell a car by yourself.

Tips for cars owner

As a car owner, if you are looking forward to sell your car privately without go through car dealers, there are some preparation work you must do. Car buyer typically wants a clean and good condition car. Make sure you clean the car before any buyer come and view it. Clean the exterior, windows, tires, license plates, and detail the interior including gear knobs, dashboard, car seats, carpet and upholstery. Give a good first impression for buyer when viewing the car.

Buyers who look for used cars for sale by owner typically because they look for a cheaper car but not dealer car price. Survey properly the market price of your car and determine one price that will attract buyers. Other than price, state clearly the basic things the car has in your advertisement including mention the mileage, mention how you take care of the car, and explain if there are any aftermarket car accessories has been added to the car.

Tips for car buyer

There are few things you need to take note if you are finding used cars by owner. What you need to do first is to roughly browse through cars for sales website or advertisement and determine estimated market price of the car you wish to buy. Find what the highest selling price is and the lowest selling price. Beware of some car price that is too low to be believed. Arrange with the seller at safe place to view the car. Bring a mechanic with you if you are not familiar with cars. There are some car dealers try to sell a car by telling people it is direct from owner. Therefore beware of these scams if you are truly looking for used cars by owner.


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