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List of cars under $10000 dollars for 2012


cars for $10000 dollars

Considering the average new car price has shot up to over $30,000 for 2012, many consumers had shifted their aim to buy used car instead of a new one. It is weary for many people to serve a car loan for couple years. It is also tired to tolerate the depreciation of a new car in the first two years of ownership. Therefore, here we did a research and come out the list of cars under $10,000 dollars or cars with the price close to $10,000 for 2012 base on the information from local newspaper classified, online used car portal including Edmunds, Kelly Blue Book, and Autotrader. Some of these cars are cheap to buy, give pretty good mileage, and easy to maintain.

2004 GMC Yukon

The 2004 GMC Yukon is best for people with large family who need a spacious car for up to nine passengers. It has large boot for luggage when the 8th and 9th seat is not in use. Powerful engine, strong body, and roomy are what best to describe it. The thing that is not so good about the car is the interior material and also fuel efficiency which could be better.
Market price: $8,500 to $9,000
Fuel economy: 14 city/18 highway mpg

2006 Honda Accord

The 2006 Honda Accord is a great sedan, solid interior, safe to drive as it achieves high scores for crash test, and the name “Accord” is reputable across the country. An Accord with hundred thousand miles put on the engine is nothing compared to other cars in the same category.
Market price: $8,500 to $9,000
Fuel economy: 23 city/31 highway mpg

2007 Ford Ranger SuperCab

Go go Power Ranger, go go Ford Ranger. Whether it is the XL, STX, XLT, or SPORT version, the Ranger never let you down with the 4-liter V6 engine either on-road or off-road.
Market price: $8,000 to $9,000
Fuel economy: 21 city/26 highway mpg

2006 Ford Mustang

Muscle car lovers will love Mustang. It is one good choice for people who want a cool retro V8 ride with the budget below $10,000.
Market price: $8,900 to $10,000
Fuel economy: 17 city/26 highway mpg

2006 Ford Explorer SUV

The truck-based 2006 Ford Explorer is an excellent SUV. Good handling, luxury and quiet interior with enough space for its passengers. With the new car price for 2012 model from $28,280, the 2006 is yet another choice for SUV lovers.
Market price: $9,100 to $10,000
Fuel economy: 14 city/19 highway mpg

2010 Kia Rio Sedan

Good fuel economy, attractive price tag, and near-to-new. The 2010 Kia Rio Sedan is definitely a great choice for consumer who prefers a close-to-new ride but wants to avoid the first two years depreciation. The only thing disappointment we have for this car is bad crash test result.
Market price: $9,500 to $10,000
Fuel economy: 28 city/34 highway mpg

2007 Chevrolet Impala

With 3.5L V6 flex-fuel engine, the 2007 Chevrolet Impala is a quiet and powerful six-seater car. Attractive outlook as well as stylish interior. With the budget under $10,000, LS and LT can be considered. LTZ and SS is with the market price from $12,300 to $13,500.
Market price: $9,600 to $9,900
Fuel economy: 18 city/28 highway mpg

2007 Ford Escape

For 2007 model year, only the XLS is below $10,000. It will be a good choice for those who prefer newer model year with basic performance. Otherwise, 2006 Ford Escape XLS, XLT, and XLT Sport are good powerful cars with V6 engine, large cargo capacity, and under $10,000 dollars.
Market price: $9,200 to $9,800
Fuel economy: 21 city/27 highway mpg

2007 Ford Taurus

The Ford Taurus is one of the cheap used cars in the market. The interior is roomy and can fit up to six persons although it is often called a midsize family car.
Market price: $7,500 to $8,500
Fuel economy: 18 city/25 highway mpg

2007 Honda Civic Sedan

Highly recommended based on the details inspection we did on a 2007 Honda Civic. Great mileage, comfortable interior, reliable engine, and most important, very low maintenance cost over the year. Definitely a 5-star sedan car!
Market price: From $8,500
Fuel economy: 26 city/34 highway mpg

2006 Toyota Camry Sedan

The Toyota Camry is a car aimed for the USmarket. It has all it takes for an American to enjoy the car. Roomy, strong reputation, good safety features, and high second-hand value. See the 2012 Toyota Camry.
Market price: From $8,800
Fuel economy: 21 city/30 highway mpg

2005 Volkswagen Jetta Diesel

What else can be happier when the car price is cheap and the fuel is even cheaper for a car? The 2005 Volkswagen Jetta Diesel it the one, yes it is! The car is powerful with TDI power plant although it is diesel-powered. The interior is made with high quality materials and not those cheap plastic materials.
Market price: From $9,400
Fuel economy: 31 city/39 highway mpg

That is the top 12 our editor picked. If that is not your flavor, the rest of the cars under $10,000 dollars in the list here may be suitable for you.

  1. 2004 Cadillac CTS: from $8,900, 17 city/24 highway mpg
  2. 2010 Chevrolet Aveo Sedan: from $9,000, 27 city/35 highway mpg
  3. 2009 Chevrolet Cobalt LT: from $9,900, 25 city/37 highway mpg
  4. 2007 Chevrolet Silverado 1500 Regular Cab: from $9,200, 14 city/19 highway mpg
  5. 2008 Dodge Caliber Wagon: from $7,900, 24 city/29 highway mpg
  6. 2007 Dodge Caravan SE: from $7,700, 17 city/24 highway mpg
  7. 2005 Ford Expedition XLS: from $9,000, 13 city/18 highway mpg
  8. 2005 Ford F150 SuperCab: from $8,600, 13 city/18 highway mpg
  9. 2005 Honda Odysse: from $8,600, 17 city/23 highway mpg
  10. 2009 Hyundai Accent Hatchback: from $7,400, 27 city/33 highway mpg
  11. 2008 Kia Optima: from $8,900, 21 city/31 highway mpg
  12. 2009 Kia Spectra LX, EX, or SX: from $8,200, 24 city/32 highway mpg
  13. 2008 Mazda MAZDA3: from $9,000, 24 city/32 highway mpg
  14. 2005 Mercury Sable LS: from $6,200, 18 city/25 highway mpg
  15. 2007 Nissan Sentra: from $8,200, 24 city/31 highway mpg
  16. 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix Sedan: from $8,700, 18 city/28 highway mpg
  17. 2008 Pontiac Vibe Wagon: from $9,900, 26 city/33 highway mpg
  18. 2007 Scion tC Hatchback: from $8,700, 20 city/27 highway mpg
  19. 2008 Toyota Corolla CE, S, LE: from $9,400, 28 city/37 highway mpg

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