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Money for car maintenance – Do you reserve it?

Imagine that an early morning you walk to your car park and start the car. You try to crank the car several times but it just doesn’t start. You make a call to the nearest mechanic and he comes over for $100 service charge. After half an hour checking, the mechanic tells you that the car must be towed to his workshop for further checking. You were told that he suspect some major parts is giving problems and that may cost at least $5000 to fix it. OMG! what are …

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What is unregistered cars and what is recon cars?

Most of the first time car buyer or inexperience buyer must have come across “unregistered car for sale” when searching for the dream car. Often, these cars tend to have attractive price and it is usually lower then new car price. What does unregistered really means and why the price is lower than new car?
Unregistered car is cars import from foreign countries and haven’t register at transportation department (JPJ) because these cars are waiting for its new owner. These cars could be new but at 99% they are all used …

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What is “Kereta Sambung Bayar” and what are the risks of buying these cars?

“Kereta Sambung Bayar” (cars continue to pay or continue to loan the car) has gained more popular in recent years in Malaysia and some other countries. This is because more and more people are unable to pay off their credit card debt, mortgage loan, and some other loans and causing them get blacklisted in central bank. People who are blacklisted or bankrupt are not able to obtain any new or used car loan from bank. Hence, there is “Kereta Sambung Bayar”.
What is actually “Kereta Sambung Bayar” means? It is a …

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Steps to buy a used car

There are steps to know when buying a used car either from private seller or direct owner. With the help of technology, many car owners can now direct upload their advertisement to the internet with little cost or totally free. This has bring a lots of freedom for shoppers to direct purchase a used car from owner without have to pay extra cost for used car dealer’s profit.
However, when there is expediency, there is difficulty. Scams could be happened when an advertising company neglects to filter out the scams advertisement. …

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Spending lots of money on a car – worth or not?

There is a quote in Chinese “一种米养百种人 (Yī zhǒng mǐ yǎng bǎi zhǒng rén)”, which literally means the same kind of rice can feed all sorts of people. Indirectly, this means there will be different kind of buying attitude in one car buying deal. Some people prefer to loan higher than what they can actually afford just to get a luxury car to drive. On the other hand, some people who actually afford to drive exotic cars but they prefer to get a small and basic car to drive. The …

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Buy a new car: Three questions to ask

In Chinese proverb, there is a quote says “一种米养百种人 (Yī zhǒng mǐ yǎng bǎi zhǒng rén)”, which literally means one kind of rice will raise a hundred kinds of people. It takes all sorts to make a world. When come to the discussion to buy a new car or a used car, many people has different thoughts and often these thoughts are controversial. Some people prefer to buy pricey cars that higher than what they can actually afford, while some people prefer least expensive but just a small car that …