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What is unregistered cars and what is recon cars?


Most of the first time car buyer or inexperience buyer must have come across “unregistered car for sale” when searching for the dream car. Often, these cars tend to have attractive price and it is usually lower then new car price. What does unregistered really means and why the price is lower than new car?

Unregistered car is cars import from foreign countries and haven’t register at transportation department (JPJ) because these cars are waiting for its new owner. These cars could be new but at 99% they are all used cars from foreign countries. Sometimes or at most of the time, the advertisement will state the year make of the car like “2010 Unregistered Mini Cooper for sale”. In other words, these cars are reconditioned or used from foreign countries.

Majority of the unregistered cars or recon car will not have 0 miles or less than 50 miles on the odometer because they are not brand new. They have been used in foreign countries by someone. This also explains that why these cars are cheaper than brand new car. In some car ads, you can even still see the foreign registration plate on the car. A 2010 reconditioned Mini Cooper may cost few thousands up to few ten thousands cheaper than the new one.

Some consumers prefer to go for reconditioned car because it is cheaper. However, if you are unlucky, you may end up paying more for the car because spare parts replacement isn’t cheap. There are parts need to be replaced after few ten thousand miles has been put on a car engine.

What is recon car?

A car may be brought in to the country using AP (Approved Permit), student AP, working AP, foreign AP, or other kind of permits. Some of these permits are tax free. Therefore, the profit is quite high for used car dealers who are able to obtain these permits.

With these permits, car dealers import some used cars from foreign countries, get them clean up and replace some necessary parts, and sell it as reconditioned cars or recon cars. Nevertheless, you will never see an advertisement tell you that “this is a reconditioned car” rather than “this is unregistered car”. In fact, they are all used cars. Reconditioned is just a better word to listen and sound more comfortable for buyer.

Some car dealers will advertise their car like “03/09 Mercedes Benz SLK for sale”. This means the car is made in year 2003 and it has been import to the country and registered at 2009. Other than that, 2009/2011 means the car is made in 2009 but registered in 2011.

In conclusion, whether you would like to pay less for a car with few thousands or few ten thousand miles on the odometer or you would like to pay more for a brand new car with brand new smell, the calculation still have to base on your own calculator. If your choice is recon cars, make sure you have followed all the steps to buy a used car or bring a trustable mechanic to inspect the car for you.

AP, AP, Approved Permit. Permit is something has been approved and why still call it Approved Permit?


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