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First time car buyer programs


Here is your advice for first time car buyer programs and tips to buy cars with great discounts from car dealers with first time buyer programs. It could anytime help you to save up a lot of money if you buy your first car at the right time, right place, and right dealer. There are mainly three things to keep in mind for first time buyer which are the MSRP price, car loan APR, and the car insurance price.

There are many car dealers out there offer a lot of programs for first time buyer especially teenager. This promotion usually subsidized by car manufacturer. One of the main reason is these dealers are looking forward for loyalty customers. For example, first time buyer who buy a Toyota possible will trade-in their used Toyota and change a new Toyota after several years.

Generally, first time car buyer do not have any experience about car and get cheated by car dealer with high car loan interest rate, expensive car insurance, or salesmen pushed them to buy car they do not like. What you have to keep in mind are:

  • There is no 0 down payment for these kinds of programs.
  • Do not pay full MSRP.
  • Do not sign up for high car loan or expensive car insurance.

Car loan for the programs

At most time, you will have to follow news or promotions regarding first time buyer programs from car manufacturers. Avoid car dealers that do not have first time buyer programs but claim to have while they charge you high car loan interest rate on the other hand. There is no way to pay anything more than 6% if your credit history is good. Generally you are able to get within 4% to 6% if you have good credit history.

Car insurance and car dealers with the programs

Normally first time buyers are college student, high school student, or teenagers under 20 years old. This has given the car insurance companies a big concern when statistic shows the accident rate for teenager stand the highest everywhere in the world. Find out what is the average price of car insurance in your area and make sure you do not pay anything above the average price.

For first time buyer, you may not have any credit record, but as long as you have the evidence of your monthly income that more than $1600, living in the same address and employed by the same company for at least 6 months, no bad credit history record, you are easy to buy the first car with this programs.


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