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First Car Film Festival


The first car film festival has been held on the 8th and 9th of March 2009 in the province of Florence in Italy. In 1974, the first car that equipped with a cinema inside the car was a green Alfa Romeo 2000. Yes you did not read wrong, it is a whole cinema inside a car. The four-wheeled cinema is known as “Cortomobile” and it is famous in few cities in Florence, Venice, Rome, Turin, and all over Tuscany in Italy.

first car film festival

The Cortomobile is able to fit in two audience and they can choose any short films or animations they want from the Short-menu, which is the menu list. The Short-Menu has a complete list of short films, animations, and videos. Today, it has around 40 titles for the audience to choose. Among the famous directors are Adriano Valerio, Antonio Meucci, and Simone Lecca.

The Alfa Romeo 2000 is the first “Cortomobile” in automobile history. Since then, there are many other vintage cars, classic cars, or passenger cars has turned into cinema-in-car and performing all over Italy.

Here is the list of film festival and the car stops in Italy.


  • Spring/Summer: Cortomobile On Tour – Sankt Pölten Höfefest (Austria); Fossano; Potenza.
  • March: First Car Film Festival (Certaldo)


  • October: 4th Day of Contemporary
  • Spring/Summer: Tuscany Tour – Florence; Centro per l’arte contemporanea Luigi Pecci Videominuto (Prato); Viareggio.


  • November: Torino Film Festival
  • July: Pelago On the Road
  • Spring/Summer: Tuscany Tour
  • May: Facoltà di Architettura di Firenze


  • November: Creativity Festival Florence
  • September: 63a Venice Film Festival
  • July: Bacchereto (Prato), First stop

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