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The doorless MINI Moke is reborn with MINI Beachcomber concept


Mini Beachcomber concept car

When look at MINI Beachcomber concept, it is very obvious that it has the characteristic of the 1960’s Mini Moke. The front slotted grill, the headlights, signal lights, hang-over side-mirror, and the overall feeling. The Beachcomber concept is like a re-imagined design for the four-seater, roof-less, and open body car.

classic and new Mini Moke

Sir Alec Issigonis was smoking when he designed the first Mini car. That is the reason why the classic Mini has an ashtray in the middle of the dashboard. We started wondering is the designer for the MINI Beachcomber is having a cigar when he design it? Create a door-less crossover may even more practical than having an astray.

Mini Beachcomber concept

The MINI Beachcomber was brought in to the 2010 Detroit Motor Show by MINI. Although the car is inspired by the 1960’s Mini Moke, it was fully equipped with modern technology including MINI’s iconic ALL all-wheel driver. Both MINI Beachcomber concept and the 60’s Mini Moke are with open body concept, but the Beachcomber still remains the main structure of the chassis due to safety issue. On top of the rear seat, you can see a nicely crafted “MINI” on it.

Now let’s move the camera to the interior. It features a large center dial which is the taste for all Minis. It just like all other MINI Cooper, a RPM meter is fitted on top of the steering wheel. The concept has four different sports logo to make the car feel sportier.

Safety is the main reason why we don’t see the MINI Beachcomber will ever go to production. We have seen that one of Malaysiaminilover members come to a Mini event in a 1964 Mini Moke during raining day. He wears a rain coat, a helmet, and also a pair of swimming goggle. All the seats were wet which he changed to plastic seat later on. That’s Mini Moke.


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