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Mini Cooper Maintenance Cost at 100,000km (62,000miles)


At 104,224 km (64,761 miles), a Mini Cooper R50 was sent to our workshop for some basic repairs. The lady owner complains about loud sound coming from the front wheel and “kok kok” sound coming from the “rear”. She doesn’t know about car at all so our mechanic brought the car out for a test drive. After a test drive, we realize one side of the front wheel bearing has worn out. The sound from the rear wheel is because of worn shock absorber bushings. It sounds like a serious problem, in fact, they are just basic maintenance for a Mini Cooper.

We explained to the owner about the bad wheel bearing and worn shock absorber bushings. On the other hand, we also realize there are some oil leaking from the valve cover. Thus, we suggest the owner to replace it together.

We begin the job by replacing a new set of valve cover gasket. Before we begin the job, we remove the negative lid on the battery to avoid any unwanted things to be happened. We then begin the repair by removing the plug cables, and coil. The job is indeed very easy as it has only 4 bolts on the coil.

The bolt on the valve cover looks like this, it comes with rubber on it.

Now the valve cover is out. Handle it with care because the valve cover on a Mini Cooper R50 is made with fiber.
mini cooper r50 valve cover
A new set of valve cover gasket is ready to put on! It costs only RM50 ($15)!
valve cover gasket
If you would like to purchase a new set for your Mini Cooper R50, here is the stock code.

It is a must to clean the head as well as valve cover before replace with the new gasket.

Comparing the new and old gasket for plug hole. They look the same but feel not the same when you press on it. Bad rubber normally feels harder.

There you go! The job is done! It takes approximately 20-30 minutes. The next repair we did was the rear shock absorber bushes as as as the front wheel bearing. Click here to see Replacing Rear Shock Absorber Bushes on a Mini Cooper R50!


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