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Build a mini car motor


Here are the steps on how to build a mini car motor and 3 delicious tips on how to build a mini car with electric motors that works perfectly. The information here contains how to build a simple electric powered mini motor from scratch and place this motor to a mini car. The power produced by the motor is depends on the formula and quality of the material that used to build it.

The difficulty to build a small motor is only 3/10. There are many mini electric motors for sale in the market with just less than $10 but the satisfaction of building one yourself is something money can’t buy. Here we go!

What I need to build a simple motor?

A simple motor mainly has only six parts and you need all of these which are:

  • Armature or rotor
  • Commutator
  • Brushes
  • Axle
  • Field magnet
  • DC power supply

Step 1 – Winding the armature

Use any cylindrical thing and wind the armature on it to form round shape. Armature is the part of the motor that moves. The diameter of the armature can be any size but usually thicker armature will requires larger form while thinner armature requires smaller form. Wrap both free ends of the wire around the coil few times.

Step 2 – Build the motor axle

The function of the motor axle is to hold up the armature and allow it to spin smoothly. It could be in any kind of shape as long as it holds. Pictures below are in “M” shape and it just looks nice and tidy. If you need to fit the motor into any mini car or diecast cars, you will need to build the casing.

Step 3 – Complete the mini motor

Now choose your power supply, here we recommend to use a simple 4 AAA batteries holder to give the power supply to the motor. Place the field magnet close to the armature your wind in step 1 and put the armature on both axle. Fix both electric supplies to both end of the motor axle. Put in batteries and here you have just done to build a mini car motor!

The easy 3 steps here could be completed in just 10 minutes with US$10-20. If you need to build a motor to fit into a mini car or model car that able to runs, you will need a casing or housing for the motor. This will allow the motor fit to the car wheels and generate powers to move forward or backward.

To make the mini car go fasters, you can build some gears attached to the motor then only go to the car wheel. This will expand the motor power to the car. It is just fun and meaningful to build a mini car motor.


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