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How to build a rubber band car


rubber band car
How to build a rubber car in few easy steps? Here we share few simple and basic steps to build fast and cool rubber band car simply using some cheap rubber band. These cars can go very fast and will not lose to mousetrap car. What makes it challenge is you can join the competition and see whose rubber car go the fastest. Excited? Let’s get yourself prepare and check out the steps now.

Steps to build a rubber band car

Step 1 – Prepare materials

It just like how to build a mini car, you will need to prepare all the require material. The material are such as:

Car body. Here we use a small piece of cardboard to form the car body. You can also use a Lego bricks, wood block, recycled box from packaging, or even shrink dink material as the car body. It up to the horse power you want to build, it is always the lighter, the better (see also How much does my car weigh). Only thing is no car body kits can be added to the car 🙂

Car wheels. Here we recommend using a normal CD, CDR, VCD, or DVD as the car wheels. Check out the basic design of mousetrap cars to see the different weight of these materials.

Car accessories.Other materials or tools needed to build car accessories are such ruler, scissors, small knife, markers (pen or pencils), needle, screws, and 2 washers to make the CD fit to the car.

Step 2 – build the car body

Now cut the cupboard in from the center of one side, make it looks like a “ U “ shape. The length of the shape can be any size according to your own preference. You will roughly know if you ever follow the step by step to build a mousetrap car.

Step 3 – build the rubber car axle

Now use the pen or needle to make the axle. Slide the skewer through the cardboard, and then make a small piece of tape to create the “catch” for the rubber band to create the power (as a car engine).

Step 4 – build the car wheels.

Fit the washer you have prepared in the center hole of both CD, make sure it did not too loose or too tight as these wheels has got to spin freely in a high speed. Next, fit the wheel (CDs) to the skewer nicely in a balance way. You can customize your own car by paint some nice sharp colour to the CD as cool wheels.

Step 5 – Complete the rubber car!

Now is time to put a V8 or V10 muscle cars engine to the car! A good and efficient way of how to build a rubber band car and make it in a high speed depends on this rubber band. A better rubber band brings faster speed, just like more horse power makes faster sports cars. Wrap the rubber band over the catch and another side turn/wrap the axle few rounds, find the best no of rounds, over stretch will lost its elasticity. Now it time to try to car!

Tips to build a faster rubber band car

The Stretch. Attach the elastic band to the best position at the axle and it will generate the maximum power.

The Twist. The more rpm it can go, the faster the car is.

The weight. Try to find out all the least weight materials.

So, hove you learn how to build a rubber band car?

rubber band car


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