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How to Change Gears in an Automatic Car

When it comes to car buying, most people prefer to buy an automatic transmission car over a manual transmission car. This is because automatic transmission car does not require the driver to operate the transmission for every gear. Whether you are driving uphill, downhill, or overtaking another car, automatic car will do everything for you as long as you place the gear to “D” and step on the accelerator. It is easier to be driven compared to manual transmissions therefore it is very attractive to new drivers. As for experienced …

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Car Dashboard Symbols

Have you ever wondered what are the car dashboard symbols means to the driver? At most of the time people just ignore it although all the dashboard symbols are clearly explained in the owner’s manual. Some of the symbols indicate something very important relates to the car and it could be dangerous if you ignore it. Well, it just takes couple of minutes to remember these car symbols and it will be very useful for any drivers in the world.

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How to drive a car

Here is your delicious A-list of how to drive a car properly in the correct and safe way. Learning to drive cars is something very easy and can be done in hours. With the technology today, most of the cars are made with easy navigation and easy steering for everyone. Imagine there are billions of people driving on the road everyday.
There are basically 2 types of car available in the market, which is manual transmission and automatic transmission car. Automatic transmission car has only gas pedal and brake, it is …

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Drive automatic car

Here are your delicious easy steps on how to drive automatic car and top 10 tips that could never be easier to get yourself on any type of automatic cars. Driving is one kind of great enjoyment when you have mastered all the needed skills especially automatic car. Automatic transmission car does not have to press and release clutch that is exasperating during heavy traffic jam. However, automatic car have its pros and cons since the technology has became popular since 80’s.

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Learning to drive standard cars

Learning to drive standard cars is something easy if you go through the steps on how to drive a standard car we taught here. We shared the easiest way to learn how to drive a car easily in our daily life. Incorrect driving skills will end up higher fuel consumption, indirectly hurt your car and you may have to spend quite a lot of money to repair the car. Therefore, learn up this few easy steps before you get your foot to your car!

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Learning to drive an automatic car

Learning to drive an automatic car no longer is a hard job as long as you catch the special learning skills we taught here. It is much easier than learning to drive a manual transmission car, you can drive any automatic cars easily just in a day after you catch these simple skills. If you ever see some of the latest cool concept carsin Tokyo auto show lately, you will feel driving a car is something fun and enjoy. Let’s check out these few easy learning steps.