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Car Dashboard Symbols


Have you ever wondered what are the car dashboard symbols means to the driver? At most of the time people just ignore it although all the dashboard symbols are clearly explained in the owner’s manual. Some of the symbols indicate something very important relates to the car and it could be dangerous if you ignore it. Well, it just takes couple of minutes to remember these car symbols and it will be very useful for any drivers in the world.

So, what are some of the car dashboard symbols means? It definitely means something. Every different car has different kind of dashboard symbols. However, there are some standard symbols which you will see it from most of the cars regardless of a Toyota or Ford. Let us start with some of the most basic dashboard symbols in your car with explanation and images.

Car Dashboard Symbols

1. Oil Pressure Warning Light. This symbol light usually is turned on when the ECU of the car detects any problem with the oil pressure. It usually indicates that the engine oil level is too low. Solution: Stop the car immediately, switch off the engine, and wait until the engine is cool down, top up the engine oil if the level is low. If the light is still on, consult any mechanic. P/S: This light is usually on when you switch on the ignition and it should be gone as soon as the engine starts.

2. Battery Charge Warning Light. If the light is on during the car is running, it indicates that the car battery is not charge. It could be some faulty of the charging system. Solution: Consult any mechanic.

3. Brake System Warning Light. If the e-brake or handbrake is engaged, the light will on. If the light remains illuminated after the handbrake is released, it may indicate brake fluid level is low. If the fluid level is correct, it may be the sensor fault.

4. ABS Warning Light. If the light is on while driving, it indicates a malfunction of the ABS system. Solution: Consult a mechanic as soon as possible.

5. Warning light – Unidentified problem. Computer or ECU in the car sometimes hardly knows what the problem is. It usually indicates the car need to be serviced.

6. Engine Warning Light/OBD Indicator. You can always see this symbol at most of the car. If the light is on, it indicates that the car should be serviced. It could probably the engine malfunction or some other problems relate to the car engine.

7. Low Fuel. It’s LOWWWWWWWWW FUEL, Please refill!

8. High Beam Light. This symbol light is on when the driver turn on the high beam mode of the headlights. If the light is on when high beam is off, it could be the sensor’s fault.

9. Windshield Wash Symbols. Most of the new car has windshield wash, therefore this icon is common for most of the cars. The symbol notifies the driver when the windshield wipers are activated.

10. Windshield Defrost. It is turned on once the driver presses the windshield defrost button.

basic car dashboard symbols

11. Fuel Filter Water Trap. This symbol is normal but ONLY for diesel engines car. If the light is on while driving the car, it indicates water is detected in the fuel filter. Solution: It is usually safe to drive the car but have to get the water in the fuel filter drained off as soon as possible.

12. Temperature Warning Light. The symbol looks like a thermometer. It warns the driver that the engine is overheating. Solution: Find a safe place and stop the car immediately.

13. Fog Beam Indicator. This is pretty basic and pretty simple. If the fog beam is on, the symbol illuminates.

Some other dashboard symbols: Seat belt reminder (some cars remind the driver with sound if the driver didn’t put on seat belt), Electric problem warning, Child seat indicator, Tire pressure monitor, Air filter warning, Master lighting switch, Rear window defrost, Cruise control, Powertrain malfunction, Slip indicator, Open doors indicator, Anti-theft system, Electronic throttle control light, AWD (for all-wheel-drive), ESP/BAS light, Overdrive indicator, and Diesel particulate filter.

See also some other car dash symbols for different car brand: Mercury car symbol, Infiniti car symbol, Ford car symbol, and Audi car symbol. If you can’t find the definition of the symbol of your car, try download the owner’s manual based on your car make and model, you will definitely get the car dashboard symbols explanation.


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