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Learning to drive standard cars is something easy if you go through the steps on how to drive a standard car we taught here. We shared the easiest way to learn how to drive a car easily in our daily life. Incorrect driving skills will end up higher fuel consumption, indirectly hurt your car and you may have to spend quite a lot of money to repair the car. Therefore, learn up this few easy steps before you get your foot to your car!

Well, you should have clear about what “standard cars” means before begin your reading here. Do not start your learning with a Ferrari 360 spider, which is not standard! Standard cars definitions are as below:

  • It can be any car with acceptable performance, less than top quality but a normal, familiar, and usual car.
  • Not any super exotic sports cars!
  • Must be 2 wheel drive but with 4 wheels.
  • Must be a production model closed car that legal to road use.
  • Must NOT be structurally modified.
  • Normal size car, do not start your learning with any 4×4 car such as Ford Western Hauler, that will make you want to give up when you start to learn your side parking.
  • Best way to start learning to drive standard cars is using a cheap old standard car like Cars under 1000 dollars.

Standard cars available in two different types of transmission, which is automatic transmission and manual transmission. Most of the common car available in the market today is automatic transmission car. It depends on which type of car you are using to start your learning, you can click on our detail links below.

Learning for automatic transmission car:

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Learning for manual transmission car:

1. Learning to drive a manual transmission car

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3. Teach me how to drive a manual car

Steps on how to drive a standard car

For dummies who had never try to drive any cars, it can seems to be a little bit intimidating as car is something can bring you go high speed. The most important is coordinating your hands and legs as well as correct sitting position, and then driving will be something fun and cool! Remember, “Practice makes perfect”.

Step 1 – Get a suitable place for your learning

An open car park, open space, open land is always a best place to start your learning. A good place is needed to avoid any unnecessary distractions while learning to drive a car properly.

Step 2 – Sitting position in the car

This is what we keep on emphasize in our teaching in MalaysiaMiniLover.com. As both your hands and legs need to be in correct position to control the car well, your sitting position must not be too far for you to access the steering wheel, brake pedal, accelerator, and even horn, wiper panel, signals…etc Learning to drive standard cars will getting easier when everything is in correct position.

Step 3 – Staring the first gear

For manual transmission car, it is a little bit more challenge. You will need to push the clutch all the way down, enter first gear, press the accelerator with your right leg slowly and release your clutch slowly, this have to be done simultaneously. Shaking, trembling, and engine suddenly dead is all the process before successfully drive a car, so do not give up.

For auto transmission car, it is much easier. Pressing the brake, put the gear to “D”, release the handbrake and slowly release the brake, the car will then move!

Step 4 – Breaking the car

If you have the chance to drive world fastest car is good, you can simply reach 100 mph easily, but do not forget to learn how to reach 0 from 100 mph when emergencies happen.

Key to slow down or breaking a standard manual car is the clutch and break. Press the clutch all the way down and hit the break to stop the car. Remember to change the gear to “N” neutral and then only release the clutch.

For standard automatic car, just hit the break and the car will stop. Put the gear to “N” after the car stop, that’s just like playing a toy car.

Isn’t it is easy? Now start your engine and start learn to drive!


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