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Step by step to build a mousetrap car


The easiest step by step to build a mousetrap car is taught here among all other method to build a mousetrap car. First you will have to choose your desire
basic design of mousetrap cars and then build it. These mousetrap cars will definitely help you to catch all mice including the Mickey MouseJ We have taught step by step drawing cars in MalaysiaMiniLover before and we have got a good response to that post. Well, let’s start to follow these steps and make your mousetrap car now!

Step 1 – Prepare the material

It just like to build pinewood derby cars, we need to prepare some items. Here we choose to use cheap stuff and some of the recycle thing to build the mousetrap car to support the green world. Prepare 2 tops from pop cans (or you can use the metal from milk powder tin or whatever metal that bendable and recycle), 6 balloons, 2 pens, 4 CDs, 4 eye hooks, and last but not least, a mouse trap. Alternatively, you can customize your own car by choosing Dowell rods and Wheels to replace the CD as wheels, or use anything like knex wheels and rods, string, lego rods and tires…etc. Also, we need to prepare some tools to use such as ruler, pencil, drill, drill bits, scissors, and cutter.

step 1 build mousetrap car

Step 2 – Stripped out the item

In this step, you will have to make the material to become the car accessories. Here you have to remove front and back part of the pen to make it as the rod. Then cut off 2 balloons and stretch them over 2 CDs. This is to make the “tires” of the back wheel as the CD is too slippery to run.

step 2 build a mousetrap car

Step 3 – Prepare the Axle

Now you have reached the half way to complete the car. Prepare the axle of the mousetrap car by make a hole at the middle of the pen (only 1 pen), and then pull the string from the hole to another side. This is to build the rear axle. Give you some tips, you can simple blow it on one end and tie a small piece of toothpick when the string is out to prevent it from going back. Make sure you have check your eye hook that fit over the pen perfectly, which the pen able to rotate easily and not loose, try to bent it out by using hand if it is not fit.

step 3 build a mousetrap car

Step 4 – Build the car body work

The mouse trap is definitely the car body. Now screw the eye hook into the mouse trap along the 4 sides. Make sure the depth of these 4 hooks is at the same level so that the axle will not bent or unbalance. Always keep in mind, this is something creative, you can customize a car according to your preference.

step 4 build a mousetrap car

Step 5 – Fix the Axle to the car body

Now fix one of the pens to front side of the mouse trap with the pen without hole. You can use whatever skills to push the rod in as long as you make sure it can rotate smoothly. Now use a balloon to wrap the pen and push a CD without balloons as tires onto it. Make this step again on the other end of the pen to form 2 front wheels. For rear axle, push the pens with string to the eye hooks, and then attach the rear wheels same way with front wheel.

step 5 build a mousetrap car

Step 6 – Finished!

Now finish up the car by softly turns the back wheels and lift the flap slightly until the trap is starting to load. Turn it until the trap is fully pulled all the way back. Then your mousetrap car is done! Aren’t this is easier than learning to drive a car?

last step build a mousetrap car

Mousetrap car race

Every year, some states will organize mousetrap car race. The competition is to see whose mousetrap car can go further in the fastest speed. This is a good competition as it teaches people how to make the simplest car before really go into any super exotic sports cars.

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