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How to build a mousetrap car

How to build a mousetrap car using the simplest way and step by step to build a mousetrap car with detail information and pictures has been shared here. There are many mousetrap car designs you can build and customize your own car. These designs are such as the most basic four-wheeled mousetrap car, three-wheeled mousetrap car, and also mixed wheeled type which requires different size of wheel. Here we shared the most basic mousetrap car.

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Mousetrap car designs

Here is your creative A-list of mousetrap car designs and 3 dulcet valuable tips to make any basic designed mousetrap cars go faster and become real winner. A mousetrap was designed by human to deal with mice that make a house nuisance, but it was then used to build mousetrap cars to create fun and competition to see whose car go fastest. A most basic mousetrap car will have at least a base, 4 wheels (any round things can be use), a pull string, and off course a mousetrap. Let’s …

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Basic design of mousetrap cars

Basic design of mousetrap cars and step by step to build a mousetrap car can be found here. We shared the best of mousetrap cars information here. The design of mousetrap cars is simple and fun. It mainly consists of few major parts such as the car body (mouse trap), car wheel, tires, and it is a small car without braking system. We will explain in detail of what material can be use as the car accessories in this article.

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Step by step to build a mousetrap car

The easiest step by step to build a mousetrap car is taught here among all other method to build a mousetrap car. First you will have to choose your desire basic design of mousetrap cars and then build it. These mousetrap cars will definitely help you to catch all mice including the Mickey MouseJ We have taught step by step drawing cars in MalaysiaMiniLover before and we have got a good response to that post. Well, let’s start to follow these steps and make your mousetrap car now!