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Mousetrap car designs


Here is your creative A-list of mousetrap car designs and 3 dulcet valuable tips to make any basic designed mousetrap cars go faster and become real winner. A mousetrap was designed by human to deal with mice that make a house nuisance, but it was then used to build mousetrap cars to create fun and competition to see whose car go fastest. A most basic mousetrap car will have at least a base, 4 wheels (any round things can be use), a pull string, and off course a mousetrap. Let’s check out those wonderful designs!

There are many types of designs created every year by competitor who join mousetrap car race. The design are base on what the owner wants the car to be, either just to show off like pimped out cars or build it to top performance and go as fast as it can. Off course, the weight is the main concern for performance mousetrap car.

Basic design of mousetrap cars

The car plans are very important no matter what kind of speed you are looking at. It is good for any beginner to learn and know more about basic design of mousetrap cars. This helps to expand from the basic design and add on performance parts to the car. The most basic mousetrap car consists of a mouse trap as the car body and power and CDR or something else round as the wheel. The mousetrap car is basically powered by the energy of a wound-up mouse trap’s sprint which will create force once it has released. Isn’t the mousetrap car designs is simple and fun?

How to build a mousetrap car

There are easy steps and hard steps to build mousetrap car, make life simple with easy steps. Here we teach some simple 6 steps to build a good mousetrap car – Step by step to build a mousetrap car. These easy steps are preparing to material, stripped out the item, prepare the axle, build the car body, fix the axle to the car body, and then run the car!

Mousetrap car plans

Mousetrap car plans play a very important part in building the car according to your intention. Some people intent to join competition and different competition is having different rules and specific regulations. Today, there are a lot of mousetrap car kits and plans available in the market. The price range is from $5 to $50 depends on quality, top distance, speed, power pull, and performance. Some people prefer to purchase these kits and save up their time. There are different types of plans available and here we shared some free mousetrap car plans.

  • Four-wheeled mousetrap car. A standard mousetrap car with 4 same size wheels but you can customize your own car anytime to make it more powerful by using light material, more powerful mousetrap spring force, more stretchy string, and some other technique.
  • Three-wheeled mousetrap car. A 3 wheel car could anytime give a very fast speed as it goes without the fourth wheel’s weight.
  • Mixed wheel car. Another great design for mousetrap car is using different size of wheels, where you can choose 2 small wheels at the rear (where mousetrap spring attached to) and 2 big wheels at the front. For three wheel mouse trap car, one of the most common design is 2 small at the rear (where mouse trap attached to), and one big wheel at the front.

Design of a mousetrap car is very wide and it depends on imagination, physics concept, and creativity. Gear, front wheel drive, rear wheel drive can be added to the car with customize job. As long as you spend some time, you can create nice mousetrap car designs.


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