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How to build a mousetrap car


How to build a mousetrap car using the simplest way and step by step to build a mousetrap car with detail information and pictures has been shared here. There are many mousetrap car designs you can build and customize your own car. These designs are such as the most basic four-wheeled mousetrap car, three-wheeled mousetrap car, and also mixed wheeled type which requires different size of wheel. Here we shared the most basic mousetrap car.

What you need to build a mousetrap car

Here is a list of simple and cheap things you need to learn:

  • A mousetrap (The speed depends on the quality of the spring on the mousetrap). It plays the role as the car body. The size depends on how you want the car to be. Usually the heavier is the slower.
  • A piece of Plywood – This is to create 4 wheels on the car. Alternatively you can replace it with 4 wheels from any toy car.
  • Eye screws
  • Rubber bands – play the role as tires
  • 2 Metal rods work as the axle (in same size)

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Extra tools you need:

  • Drilling machine
  • Expoxy glue
  • Scale/measurement tape
  • Small hand saw
  • Get a Vice if possible. It gives to create a better job

Steps to build a mousetrap car

Here you go for the steps after prepared all the needed things and tools.

Step 1 – Build mousetrap car body

Step 1 has always deal with the car body. Screw the eye screws to both ends (front and rear) of the mousetrap. Both sides with 2 eye screws and place it around 8mm to 12mm from each respective corner. Align the eye screw until it is able hold the metal rod though it.

Step 2 – Prepare the car wheel

As mentioned above, if you choose to use any toy cars’ wheel you can skip this step. Take the plywood and draw 4 same size circles on it. The recommended diameter is around 70-80mm. Any size of wheels will do as long as not too big or too small. Use the hand saw to cut out the wheel carefully and then use the drill machine to drill a hole (same size with your metal rod) in the center of each wheel.

Step 3 – Assemble the mousetrap car axle

Prepare the metal rod with the length that slightly longer than the width of mousetrap. This is to make sure it gives the best size to go faster. Now take one of the rods and make a slot on it at a distance of 1/3 of its total length. Then use epoxy glue to fix the wire catch into the slot. Leave it until dry

Step 4 – Fix the wheel

Now place the 2 rods though the eye screw and install rubber washer at the end of the rods/axle. Use Vice to place the wheels at the end of both rods. Give a set or new tires to the car by placing the rubber bands to all wheels using epoxy glue.

Step 5 – Finish to build the car

Turn the axle with wire catch and lift the flap until the trap is starting to load. Turn it until the trap is fully pulled all the way back and the car is ready to accelerate. It is just easy to learn how to build a mousetrap car.
mousetrap car


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