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How to draw a real car


The best technique of how to draw a real car and 3 tips to draw real ostentatious cars are shared here! How to draw cool cars and sports cars can be found here. It is very easy to draw a realistic car to a piece of white paper with a simple pencil as long as you catch the real skills. What makes drawing look real is the lining, shading, and proportions. Let’s prepare a pencil, eraser, and a piece of clean paper to start real car drawings.

Here is a video to showing steps by steps on how to use Ms. Paint to draw a real Ford car.

Step 1 – Draw the car line

Draw the car outline and define the look of the car according to the real car ratio. Draw the car height and width with rough line. Make sure you have got the correct model and correct spare parts.

Step 2 – Draw darker line to the car

Now follow the video by drawing a darker line to the sketches you draw in step 1. Remove the unwanted line using eraser.

Step 3 – Draw car accessories and parts

Now it’s time for the car accessories and parts. Draw the front lamp, fog lamp, front grill, decals, and some other important icon of the real car you want to draw.

Step 4 – Color the car

One of the most important steps of drawing a real car is coloring. Any color will do as long as it is the color you prefer. Don’t forget to paint the wheel to make it look 3D like a real cool car.

Car drawing

It only requires 3 main things to draw a nice real car successfully which is “Imagination, Creativity, and Passion”Here you can choose what type of cool cars you prefer to draw:

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3 Tips to draw a real car

Check out the 3 important tips to draw a real cool car.


The usage of contrast is a great way to make a car drawing look like a real car. A real car has to come with shadow and different tone. The contrast can be set in any graphical program like Adobe photoshop or Ms Paint. If the drawing is on a piece of paper, different type of pencil is needed like 2B, 3B, or B leading pencil.


A car look unblemished, bright, and shining is all because of the shadows. Shading need to be drawn to make it look more real and immaculate with metallic color. Shading can be done using different tones like contrast. What is important and need to take note is the color matching. A good matching can create wonderful drawing.


Proportions are the most significant part of drawing a real car. Unlike cartoon cars where you don’t have to care so much about the proportions and just use your imagination. The closer ratio and proportions you can get, the car drawing will look more real. This is probably the most important tips to know about how to draw a real car.
real car drawing


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