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Buy a New Car

Follow some of the useful guides and tips here if you want to buy a new car. Learn how to be the person in charge in the deal to buy a new car you want at an excellent price. Buying a new car is not as simple as you can imagine, many first time car buyer end up paying lot extra then what they expect. Registration fee, handling fee, car insurances, car loan interest rates, dealer’s tricks, and actual market value of the car is what you need to know.

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Best time to buy a car

You may know what are the good cars to buy, what is the best used car to buy, but you must know when is the best time to buy a car. The best time to buy a car often is the time when car price is the cheapest during the year, when banks offer the lowest rates for car loan, and when car insurance companies give the best deal to all cars. These are the three things you must know about car buying. Check out some of the questions below …

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Top five best used car to buy

With more and more hybrid and electric cars entered the automobile world lately, the list of best used car to buy in 2010 needed an update. Find the top five best used car to buy in 2011. Best used cars means cars that value for money, reliable, low fuel consumption, and off course, comfortable to ride on.

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Used cars for sale by owner

Catch the top three myths of why there are so many potential buyers keep looking for used cars for sale by owner and why there are seller prefers to sell their cars privately. It is simple, easy, and fast to sell off a car to car dealers compare to sell it privately but there are reasons why car owner prefer to keep their car longer for the next buyer rather than sell it to car dealers. Check out the myths here and calculate the profit yourself based on these reasons.
What buyers …

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Best rated car tires

Find the best rated car tires and tire prices here from consumers who are really using these car tires. Read the ratings, reviews, and experiences shared by car enthusiasts who use the tire before. Changing a new set of car tires will cost you at least few hundred dollars and if the tire is not suitable, it will cost you extra money to change another sets.

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Printable car bill of sale

Here is the free printable car bill of sale or car bill of sale printable that you need if you are selling or buying any cars privately regardless of new or used cars. You will need the car bill of sale to state all the agreement between buyer and seller to make sure there are no hassles after you have sold your car or after you buy a car from private party.