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Printable car bill of sale


Here is the free printable car bill of sale or car bill of sale printable that you need if you are selling or buying any cars privately regardless of new or used cars. You will need the car bill of sale to state all the agreement between buyer and seller to make sure there are no hassles after you have sold your car or after you buy a car from private party.

Read this carefully if this is your first time buying a used car from private party or someone you barely know. The bill of sale protects both parties from a potential lawsuit for breach of any oral agreement. For example, the seller can just remove a CD-player and replace with a cheap stereo when pass you the car. If you do not have any bill of sale, there is no proof. Here are several different types of printable car bill of sale.

Car bill of sale

A bill of sale by MalaysiaMiniLover. It is a printable version available in PDF file. In consists of two printable pages, one is buyers contract while another is seller contract. This is a simple car bill of sale include car make, car model, car registration number, VIN# number or Chassis number, MOT cerfificate (if applicable to you), indicated mileage when buyer and seller meet up, additional notes for special agreement in between both parties, as well as selling price. It is 100% free to download. You can also Print free bill of sale for a car here.

Why car bill of sale is important?

A printable car bill of sale allows both parties (buyer and seller) to read and sign on it as a legal document. You can bring this to certify at any attorney firm. It proves the ownerships of the car and good for seller to know that it is not any stolen cars. Besides, a bill of sale also can be served as an official receipt to prove the payment has been made as well as the date the owner handle the car to buyer. In conclusion, a printable car bill of sale is a must in any kind of situation.


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