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Follow some of the useful guides and tips here if you want to buy a new car. Learn how to be the person in charge in the deal to buy a new car you want at an excellent price. Buying a new car is not as simple as you can imagine, many first time car buyer end up paying lot extra then what they expect. Registration fee, handling fee, car insurances, car loan interest rates, dealer’s tricks, and actual market value of the car is what you need to know.

10 things you need to know

First of everything, you will have to determine what kind of car is best for you, and decide what car to buy. Once you have made your decision, you need to follow the tips below to buy the car you want.

Determine Car Market Price. Buy a new car you will have to do your homework. You have to find out the market price for the car you want to buy and know what you should pay. If you find a dealer is selling the car with the price that is way too high than what you expect, just walk to another dealer.

Find incentive, rebates, or zero-percent financing. Many dealers often offer one of these or 3 of them together to attract buyer. These three things could save you up to few thousand dollars. A $25,000 car with 6 years car loan you will have to pay around $535 a month. The payment could go down to $460 if it is with 0% interest. You could save up to $4500 over 6 years which are a lot. All you need to do is to make sure your credit score is good and without any bad credit history.

Exact value. Always prepare to pay what is less than the sticker price. Keep in mind that car dealers often willing to sell the car below the sticker price especially during month end. Always remember that do not show how eager you want the car to salesman.

Judge and see which car is best for you. Buy a new car unlike buy an used car, you have many choices. You can always buy a different car if the model you look for do not have a great deals for you. Always open your heart and that will give you more options with better price range.

Use the advantage of internet. It may take you an hour to drive to the dealer’s lot, fill in the form, check the price, and details of a car. It takes you only minutes to check the inventory of a dealer nears to you through internet. Buying a new car online is no longer something new or something different. It saves time, money, and also avoid buyer to see some salesman’s impatient and pushy action.

Do not overlook the price of your old car. If you want to buy a new car by trading in your old car, you will need to know the “balance” clearly. The balance here means the new car price and the trade-in price. Dealer may distract you with big discount on the new car that you cannot find it elsewhere but trade-in your car much lower than the market price. Therefore you will have to check out the market value of your car before you bargain with them. Do not over excited and agree to the deal when they trick you with huge discount. The money you lost in the trade-in value may anytime more.

Car Insurance. When you buy a new car, car dealers usually will show you a price list. The list will includes the car sticker price and car insurance. Often you can choose not to get the car insurance from dealers if you feel the price is just not right. This is because you can purchase car insurance on your own from any car insurance companies.

Car loan interest rates. A little changes in the % will affect huge in your monthly car payment. A $20,000 car financed for 6 years at 7.5% would have a monthly payment of roughly $350.12 with total interest of $4958.98 but with 2%, the monthly payment is around $298.70 with total interest of $1256.14. See the difference? It is $3702.84.

Handling Fees. In the price list, it usually has some extra fee including registration fee, car inspection fee, handling fee, road tax, ownership endorsement fee, and among others. If you are a good negotiator, you can bargain with car dealer to waive all these fees. See also: Buy a new car – three questions to askHow to buy a new carnew car rebatesnew car buying tipsbest time to buy a carbuying a new car or used car?

Negotiate, bargain, and documentations. Always remember, you are the one who pay and you should be the sailor in the deal. You can always negotiate and bargain the price with salesman. Once you are sure you get the greatest deal on earth, you can close the deal. Review all the document and check if it is written according to what you have agreed to salesman. Sign only if everything is written in black and white clearly including the car model, color, options, price, interest rates, date to get the car, and among others. Remember to inspect properly when you receive your new car. Make complaint on the spot if you found out something wrong like scratches or dent on the car. Happy driving!


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