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Best time to buy a car


You may know what are the good cars to buy, what is the best used car to buy, but you must know when is the best time to buy a car. The best time to buy a car often is the time when car price is the cheapest during the year, when banks offer the lowest rates for car loan, and when car insurance companies give the best deal to all cars. These are the three things you must know about car buying. Check out some of the questions below before you read the next paragraph which tells you when is the best time to get a ride with good deal.

If you are wealthy and cars are your hobby, cars are just like toy or another collectibles for you, anytime is a good time to buy a car. If you are not wealthy, you are working class and you want to plan well for your financial, these are the things that you should be considering when you wish to buy a car. So, when is the best time?

  • When you really NEED it but not when you want it.
  • When you know that you will use it everyday or frequently, go to work or to school. You shouldn’t buy a car if you know you seldom use it like once a week or just need a car to show off. “Showing off is the fool’s idea of glory.” – Bruce Lee. Keep in mind that car insurance, road tax, and car interest rates are those things that run everyday and suck money out from your pocket, that are liabilities and not asset.
  • When you are able to afford a car in the way that you are able to pay off the car loan on time every month. Not in the way that you need to sacrifice half or more than half of your salary to the car loan every month.
  • When you are clearly known what car is best suitable for your situation. You don’t need an MPV or SUV for small family or for the purpose to go work and back home.
  • When you have studied and know which car is the best for you. Which car is fuel efficient, cheap to buy, easy to maintain, have high resale value, and among others. See: car buying guide, car buying secrets, car buying strategies, car buying tips, best used car to buy, and top five best used car to buy.

There are too many sayings about best time to buy a car, some opinions are from car dealers and some are from car buyers who just successfully get a cheap deal one time. Therefore, you can only treat these opinions as general guide and do not let them mislead you to buy a car at the wrong time.

So, when can get the best deal? Every month, car dealers will make promotion by selling one or two cars lower than market price. It usually end of the month and that will be the best time to buy your next car.

End of the model year or year end. The price for a used car that manufactured in 31 December 2010 and a used manufactured in 01 January 2011 will certainly different because of the model year. Therefore, car dealers often give huge offer during the ending of a model year.

End of the generation. When a car model comes to an end, it will be replaced by a new generation or a total redesign. The price for last model of last generation will usually dropped and dealers often will offer a lot of cash rebates to attract car buyers. However, if the transition is huge or the car received a total redesign (for example Honda Civic 7th generation to 8th generation), the second hand value for the previous model may be lowered when you want to sell off the car. So you will have to take this into your consideration too.

Some people said rainy days, holiday periods, 10 minutes before closing, when the dealer lot no customers, or Monday nights are the best time to buy a car. It is controversial and without any proof. If you are lucky, you know the way to negotiate price with car dealers to get cheaper price, you know the best time for a car model to get the cheapest financial rates like 0% to 1.9%, and you get a car with low car insurance price and cheap road tax, that’s always the best time.


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