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Austin-Healey Cars

Whether it is original Austin-Healey cars or Austin Haeley replica kit car, Austin-Healey sports cars are always one of the most sought-after classic cars in the automobile market today.
The British car maker Austin-Healey was established in 1952 when Austin did a deal with Donald Healey who was a renowned automotive engineer and designer. Austin-Healey is a car marque famous in making a range of cool sports cars since 1952 until 1972. Marking a 20-year success in British automobile history.

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Austin Cars

Austin cars are one of the most famous and most storied car marque for more than a century in automobile industry. Nobody don’t know Austin if they are real car enthusiasts. One of the most notable Austin cars living on planet today is the London taxi which you can see it almost everywhere in London.
Austin (Austin Motor Company) was founded in 1905 by Herbert Austin who was a former manager of the Wolseley Tool and Motor Car Company. Austin was founded at Longbridge, it is also a place where the …

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Best used car to buy

Here we tell you which are the best used car to buy based on the durability, reliability, and value. There are hundreds of used cars that achieve over 40 mpg. There are thousands of cheap used cars for sale everyday, and there are many bad used cars to avoid. You are either to be a smart consumer to find the best used car that suitable for you, or be a lemon buyer. Check out the top five best used car to buy in 2011 here.
Honda Civic Hybrid
No matter what model …

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Morgan Cars

You are definitely a car enthusiast with good taste if you look for Morgan cars for sale. Extremely cool, dramatically stunning, tremendously stylish best describe Morgan cars.
British sports cars manufacturer Morgan (Morgan Motor Company) was founded in 1909 by Henry Frederick Stanley Morgan. It is the car brand of choice for car buyers seeking cars that steeped in luxury, performance, and sophistication.

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Used car parts

Used car parts are available almost everywhere in the world due to high demand in automobile industry. Car parts availability often is one of the considerations when buying a car or a used car. According to statistic, United Statesranked number 1 by the number of cars or motor vehicles per 1000 people. The list follows by Luxembourg, Iceland, Australia, Puerto Rico, Italy, Canada, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, Finland, Japan, and among others.

Japan is well-known for its automobile industry. As the biggest used car parts supplier for South East Asia, often we can …

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Used car loans for bad credit

Here are some advices for used car loans and some tasty tips on how to apply used car loans if you are having bad credit or had bankruptcy. Getting a car loan for any used cars is easier than you can imagine although there are many rumors said that it is harder than climbing up to Everest Mountain if you are having bad credits. DO NOT fall in dealer’s trap and agree with any high APR loan rate. Check out some of the tips given here.