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Used car parts are available almost everywhere in the world due to high demand in automobile industry. Car parts availability often is one of the considerations when buying a car or a used car. According to statistic, United Statesranked number 1 by the number of cars or motor vehicles per 1000 people. The list follows by Luxembourg, Iceland, Australia, Puerto Rico, Italy, Canada, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, Finland, Japan, and among others.

Japan is well-known for its automobile industry. As the biggest used car parts supplier for South East Asia, often we can see lots of chopped cars were imported from Japan and sit in the local spare parts store waiting for buyer. Refers to the picture above, cars are chopped into half as spare parts and export to countries who need them. It is often refers as “Half-cut” in Malaysia. Someone who needs used spare parts may have to look for it based on the car model.

A used car is not always chopped into half and export from one country to another. Sometimes the chassis, metal, and some other body parts were send to recycle and only engines and parts that can be re-used were export. Pictures below here are some of the engines sitting on the floor, bumper hanging on the wall, and parts in the store waiting for its buyer.

There are millions of used car parts available everywhere but you must know where to look for it. One of the biggest reasons why one country always encourage their citizen to purchase local made cars is because of the future maintenance is easier compared to import cars.

Let’s take Mercedes Benz for example. Buying a Mercedes Benz in Germanyor any countries around Germanyis a wise decision. This is because spare car parts are easy to access and the headquarters is located atStuttgart,Germany.

The cost will not be high to purchase a Mercedes Benz at any country around Germany such as France, Belgium, Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Poland, Sweden, Greece, Romania, UK, Portugal, and Spain. This is because the cost to transfer the car from the plant to these countries is cheap compared to other country like India, China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, or any country that is far.

Whenever you purchase an import car, you pay import tax, transportation costs, and car insurance. If the car is particularly expensive in your country, the car parts will be expensive too. This is because there are plenty of import taxes to pay and currency rate is different.

A used gear box may cost only €500 in Europe but when it exports to some Asia country like Thailand, it may become 25,000 baht which is a person’s salary. Therefore, do consider properly when choosing your car especially first time car buyer. Any used spare parts can be purchased at car accessories stores. An easy way is to get a trusted mechanic and have him look for you. However, we are not encouraging anyone not to buy import cars, import cars are good to buy in a situation that budget allows and you love that car.

Go to used car parts garage and choose the parts base on your car brands (Audi, Ford, Vauxhall, Peugeot,Toyota, Honda, Volkswagen, Renault, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Fiat, Citroen, Nissan, and among others), choose the car model and which part you need. There are millions of used car parts can be found in internet world and you can have it deliver to your doorstep easily.


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